Monday, February 27, 2012

Henna+Indigo+Two Strand Twists=Super defined and soft twist out!

Sunday I decided to do a henna+indigo treatment to give my hair a nice dark brown hue. Yes I did do a black henna treatment before the yarn braids, but it turns out that the brand I used isn’t real, high quality henna and can actually do more harm then good, so I threw that out and got the good stuff. I ordered from Butters and Bars since they had a dark brown kit and it was expensive. I think I need to hunt down an Indian grocery store next time.

As I said in my previous post, I let my henna marinate overnight with peppermint tea, TJ Tea Tree Tingle, and olive oil and the following morning I quickly mixed the indigo with water and added it to my henna. Next I section my hair into four in order to better apply the henna. I admit the only flaw in doing full henna treatments is that it is a bit of a mess. I had henna everywhere! After I finished a section, I would two strand twist it and then twirl it into a bantu knot so that all my hair could better fit under my plastic cap. Once I completed my whole head, I put on my heat therapy wrap and cleaned the apartment. I only left the henna on my hair 45 minutes tops. I just didn’t feel like sitting around hours and hours, and I figured the dye had time to release all night so I’d be fine. I first rinsed the hendigo out in the sink, that way it was more concentrated, and then moved to the shower to do the rest. When the water was mostly clear I applied some more TJ Tea Tree Tingle and dentangled with my denman followed by a final rinse ( I think there might still be a bit of henna left in).
Out of the shower, I decided that I wanted to twist my hair and followed Naptural85’s method that begins sort of like a flat twist. Before each twist, I applied KBB Luscious hair mask as my leave in, sealed with Anita Grant’s CafĂ© Au Lait, and used the SoftnFree Curly Pudding sample that I got at the Hairscapdes meet up a few weeks ago. At the root of each twist I twisted the hair and then used a bobby pin to hold it in place, to help with elongation and combat shrinkage (defintely helped!). I did the left side of my head first and I ended up getting lazy and making bigger twists on the right side…but despite all that I still ended up with a super defined twist out! I left the twists in overnight to dry and this morning woke up early to untwist each section before work. I haven’t done a twist out in a long time! I love the look so much and my hair felt like velvet to the touch! Definitely might be my staple style for the next few weeks. I was going to do the yarn braids again but I think I’d rather just have my hair out for a while…we’ll see.

To maintain I’m going to try the multiple pineapple method and see how that goes. With my schedule I can’t retwist every night so if the pineapple fails, I’ll just bun for the rest of the week.
My twists look fuller/thicker. Must be the henna.

See? Definitely not as many twists on this side. Oops.

Love the color. It's a nice brown and should gradually darken over the next few days.

I like the shape my hair is growing into since the cut in September

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