Monday, February 27, 2012

Goodbye Yarn Braids! Hello Hair!

First let me say it felt like more work taking the yarn braids out then it did putting them in, but despite that, I had a relatively easy time with it. I think next time I need to make cleaner parts. The first thing I noticed while taking out the braids was that I seemed to have shed A LOT of hair. I was worried at first, but upon closer inspection, it was all indeed shed hair and not breakage so, phew! Secondly I noticed that I did indeed experience some growth! Yay! In the back it looks like I can nearly claim shoulder length and the sides should be there soon enough…although you’d never be able to tell due to shrinkage.

Following the removal of the braids, I used my Left Coast Lemon Terressentials Mudwash, applied my KBB Luscious Hair Mask as a leave in, sealed with KBB Creamaliscious and proceeded to do a braid and curl. I was seriously pressed for time since I was going bowling, so I tried sitting under the dryer for half an hour in the hopes that most of my hair would get dry…yeah not so much. I did unbraid everything and it was still very damp so I just tossed everything up into a puff and put on a pretty headband. It worked for that evening and for bed I just smushed it back into a bun and put on a satin cap. It felt so good to be in my hair again! Before bed I mixed up some Jamilla henna with Peppermint Tea, Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle, and olive oil to use the following day. Another post to follow about that!
Yarn Braids Just Removed

Post Removal

Post removal, see the growth?

Ah! Freshly Mudwashed! Felt so good!

This is my texture post wash without any product on it

The top, crown area of my hair is more wavy than curly. Do you see? It's so annoying! Makes a WnG look weird.

Failed braid n curl, puff and headband to the rescue!

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