Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Versatility! Turning a Twist Out to a Wash and Go

So I didn’t get third day hair, but in all honesty I didn’t really try to. Last night after work, I spritzed my hair with water/aloe vera juice, applied Bhringraj oil to my scalp and hair, and topped that with some Karen Body’s Beautiful Creamilicious. The I proceeded to separate the back of my hair into front, leaving the bangs out and divided each section in two. In each section I did a French braid and then joined the two braids together with a bobby pin. For the bangs I just corn rowed each side. I ended up with this:

To work I just wore a black snood/hair net thing. It was raining and I didn’t want to worry about my hair frizzing out, plus I knew I was working out after work and wanted to have my hair in a tame style to rinse post workout.  After my workout I just rinsed my hair in the shower. I sweat a ridiculous amount when I work out and since I didn’t rinse my hair after yesterday’s workout, I figured today would be good. For added measure, I applied some Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle and massaged it into my hair/scalp, maneuvering around the braids as much as possible. Out of the shower I wrapped my hair in a micro fiber towel and proceeded to get dress, take the dog out, and eat a very delayed lunch. About five minutes before I needed to be out of the door (I know, I left way too late) I took off the towel and undid the braids. The results looked like a wash and go/braid out combo and I liked it, but I wanted a little more definition…plus I wanted to try my Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd that I got off and see how it worked as a gel and for a wash and go. I quickly raked it through, smoothing it into the strands as much as possible. My hair looked a little white so I put the towel back on for a minute more while I got my bag together. That did the trick and removed the white and I quickly flat twisted the previously corn rowed bangs, pinning them to the side. I whipped my hair back and forth like a maniac, applied some lipstick and was out the door!
I must say I haven’t done a wash and go in a while, not this sort of wash and go anyway and I forgot how easy they can be (I literally like to wash, rake a bit of product in and go if possible, later on after the hair is a little drier, I’ll usually add some type of oil). This is definitely going to be my summer style.  My hair is only about fifty percent dry, but it feels pretty soft and not crunchy at all. I find that when I use eco styler gels I get amazing definition, but tons of crunch. I’ve learned to deal with the crunch, but it’s nice to get a soft wash and go for once. The BB Styling Mudd isn’t as cheap as eco styler and I hate that I can’t pick it up on the ground, but I can see myself purchasing more. I’ll placed around with it a bit more and see. Tonight, if my hair isn’t dry I’ll spritz lightly and maybe baggy, if I don’t do that I might just pull my hair back into a bun and then spritz/fluff in the morning to revive the WnG. If my hair ends up looking crazy in the morning, then it’s going up into a puff with a simple headband; works ever y time!

I’m at work right now and it’s so hard to resist playing in my hair. When I wear a WnG, I love twirling my curls around a finger. Must stop!
Damn the crown of my head! This hair doesn't curl at all. It's more wavy and so annoying! Just sits on top like...blah.
Closer Look. I call myself a 4A, but I think I have multiple curl patterns.
Used the flat twists as a sort of headband
Ah I love thee

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Day Hair! It is possible

I just wanted to come on here quick and share with you all how I achieved second day hair. I've never tried this method before. Usually I retwist my hair at night, but since I work two jobs and don't get home until 11:30pm and have to get up again at 6:15am, I didn't want to waste precious sleep time retwisting my hair. I decided to try Naptural85's method of maintaining a twist out, which is to gently and loosely bun the hair, which also helps to stretch the curls and add length.

Last night when I got home, I lightly spritzed my hair with a mix of water and aloe vera juice, applied Bhranjani (spelling?) oil to my scalp and to my hair. I massaged for a bit, trying my best not to disturb the curls. The front section I did flat twist, so that area would be more defined, but for the back I just loosely pulled it back into a bun with a satin scrunchi. Over this I wore a silk wig cap, followed by my satin bonnet.

This morning I removed the bun and lightly sprtized my hair again, applied some KBB creamilicious to seal, and fluffed. The twist out held up really well! I undid the flat twists in the front, and the defined twist out framing the face makes the overall look neater. I was going to do this method again tonight, but it's raining tomorrow and I'm not sure I want to wear my hair down again. We'll see. I do think I could get third day hair though and maybe fourth before I start really looking the definition. We'll experiment and see.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Henna+Indigo+Two Strand Twists=Super defined and soft twist out!

Sunday I decided to do a henna+indigo treatment to give my hair a nice dark brown hue. Yes I did do a black henna treatment before the yarn braids, but it turns out that the brand I used isn’t real, high quality henna and can actually do more harm then good, so I threw that out and got the good stuff. I ordered from Butters and Bars since they had a dark brown kit and it was expensive. I think I need to hunt down an Indian grocery store next time.

As I said in my previous post, I let my henna marinate overnight with peppermint tea, TJ Tea Tree Tingle, and olive oil and the following morning I quickly mixed the indigo with water and added it to my henna. Next I section my hair into four in order to better apply the henna. I admit the only flaw in doing full henna treatments is that it is a bit of a mess. I had henna everywhere! After I finished a section, I would two strand twist it and then twirl it into a bantu knot so that all my hair could better fit under my plastic cap. Once I completed my whole head, I put on my heat therapy wrap and cleaned the apartment. I only left the henna on my hair 45 minutes tops. I just didn’t feel like sitting around hours and hours, and I figured the dye had time to release all night so I’d be fine. I first rinsed the hendigo out in the sink, that way it was more concentrated, and then moved to the shower to do the rest. When the water was mostly clear I applied some more TJ Tea Tree Tingle and dentangled with my denman followed by a final rinse ( I think there might still be a bit of henna left in).
Out of the shower, I decided that I wanted to twist my hair and followed Naptural85’s method that begins sort of like a flat twist. Before each twist, I applied KBB Luscious hair mask as my leave in, sealed with Anita Grant’s CafĂ© Au Lait, and used the SoftnFree Curly Pudding sample that I got at the Hairscapdes meet up a few weeks ago. At the root of each twist I twisted the hair and then used a bobby pin to hold it in place, to help with elongation and combat shrinkage (defintely helped!). I did the left side of my head first and I ended up getting lazy and making bigger twists on the right side…but despite all that I still ended up with a super defined twist out! I left the twists in overnight to dry and this morning woke up early to untwist each section before work. I haven’t done a twist out in a long time! I love the look so much and my hair felt like velvet to the touch! Definitely might be my staple style for the next few weeks. I was going to do the yarn braids again but I think I’d rather just have my hair out for a while…we’ll see.

To maintain I’m going to try the multiple pineapple method and see how that goes. With my schedule I can’t retwist every night so if the pineapple fails, I’ll just bun for the rest of the week.
My twists look fuller/thicker. Must be the henna.

See? Definitely not as many twists on this side. Oops.

Love the color. It's a nice brown and should gradually darken over the next few days.

I like the shape my hair is growing into since the cut in September

Goodbye Yarn Braids! Hello Hair!

First let me say it felt like more work taking the yarn braids out then it did putting them in, but despite that, I had a relatively easy time with it. I think next time I need to make cleaner parts. The first thing I noticed while taking out the braids was that I seemed to have shed A LOT of hair. I was worried at first, but upon closer inspection, it was all indeed shed hair and not breakage so, phew! Secondly I noticed that I did indeed experience some growth! Yay! In the back it looks like I can nearly claim shoulder length and the sides should be there soon enough…although you’d never be able to tell due to shrinkage.

Following the removal of the braids, I used my Left Coast Lemon Terressentials Mudwash, applied my KBB Luscious Hair Mask as a leave in, sealed with KBB Creamaliscious and proceeded to do a braid and curl. I was seriously pressed for time since I was going bowling, so I tried sitting under the dryer for half an hour in the hopes that most of my hair would get dry…yeah not so much. I did unbraid everything and it was still very damp so I just tossed everything up into a puff and put on a pretty headband. It worked for that evening and for bed I just smushed it back into a bun and put on a satin cap. It felt so good to be in my hair again! Before bed I mixed up some Jamilla henna with Peppermint Tea, Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle, and olive oil to use the following day. Another post to follow about that!
Yarn Braids Just Removed

Post Removal

Post removal, see the growth?

Ah! Freshly Mudwashed! Felt so good!

This is my texture post wash without any product on it

The top, crown area of my hair is more wavy than curly. Do you see? It's so annoying! Makes a WnG look weird.

Failed braid n curl, puff and headband to the rescue!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Braid Take Down

I’ve started the take down of the yarn brain and it’s surprisingly easy. I’ve only managed to do a small section of the back, since I’ve been taking them down in between jobs. I had a few snags, where loose strands of hair got caught, but I was gently and able to pry everything apart. This makes week four of having the braids and they just aren’t meant to last much longer. I can see that I’ve had a lot of new growth, which is great…I only hope I can retain all my new length. The build up at the roots isn’t too bad either, but I do see to have a lot of shed hairs.
I can’t wait to get all the yarn out so I can feel and wash my hair. I’m going to do a Terressentials Mudwash and follow up with my Karen’s Body Beautiful to deep condition. Then I’ll have to think of how I want to wear my hair before I install the yarn braids again. Although if it seems like my hair suffered in anyway due to the yarn braids, I won’t be doing them again.
I do know that next time around I’ll take my time a little bit more with the installation of the braids, and I’ll also be better about moisturizing daily and oiling my scalp every two or three days. I only washed my hair once with the yarn braids during this four week period and I can’t yet tell if this was good or bad. My scalp was never too itchy, nor did I have a lot of buildup. The only time my scalp itched was directly after a workout and that happens whether I’m wearing yarn braids or not.
All and all I think they are a great protective style. Plus, they were longer than my natural hair and I gotta say, it was fun playing around with styles I can’t normally do due to length issues. They are hassle free, a good spritz with some water and you’re good to go. They do get a little heavy when you wash them, but since mine weren’t very long it wasn’t that bad. I would definitely do them again and for those of you interested, I would tell you to try and do this style yourself first. I once though I couldn’t braid hair either, but it is easier than you think. I learned by watching YouTube videos. Were my braids perfect? No way! I didn’t need them to be perfect, I just needed them to look nice and last, and that’s what they did. I got more compliments than expected and even the boyfriend didn’t rag on my about the braids. I spent approximately 8 bucks on yarn and it took a total of 10 hours to install. If you go to a salon, yes it will be half the time but you’re also looking at the cost starting around 150. If you’ve got the cash, then go for it, if you’re trying to follow a budget, try it yourself. Keep trying and you’ll get the hang of it. If all else fails you can go to a salon or find a friend to help you. I’ll come back with another update after I take all the yarn out and give my hair a spa day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three weeks post yarn braids

Boy oh boy do I want to take these braids out! It's not that I'm not loving the look, it's just that it looks very grown out and frizzy in the crown, and I don't know I miss my hair. Plus I'm going to the hairscapades meet up this weekend and I wish I was wearing my hair out and in some kind of cute style for the event. Instead I have to try and style the yarn braids so that they look fresh and new. I've got one more week of these yarn braids. Next weekend will make a month  and while I was going to shoot for six, I just don't think I can do it. I want to wash and deep condition and let my hair breath for a bit. I will be putting the braids back in though and instead of black I'm going to use brown and then maybe the growth won't be as noticeable. 

Ugh but who knows...maybe I'll be lazy and tack on those extra two weeks anyway. I'm just worried about breakage and dryness. I've been moistuizing, but I feel like my hair is still a little dry. Plus I think if I go any longer the take down will be harder with the shed hairs and new it looks like I've made a decision. The hair comes down next weekend. Woo hoo! I'm sure Z will be happy.

Other than that, I'm still loving the ease of this style! Here are a few stlyes I've been doing.

This is how I wore it to the hairscapades meet up a few weeks ago. Pretty cute and easy!