Monday, January 16, 2012

A simple, easy style for Date Night with your Boo (or with friends too)

I love date night! Z and I don’t get to get out too often…mainly because I’m really tired by the time the weekend rolls around. So when date night finally does arrive it means…I have to do my hair. You see, Z doesn’t really like wigs or when I wear my hair in twists. He prefers a twist out or a wash n go, and generally likes my hair big, wild and natural. Since most of winter I’ve had my hair either twisted up, corn rowed or hiding and don’t even get me started on bed time. I do not go to bed looking my finest…usually I have a satin bonnet on or even a plastic cap or something or other that makes me look crazy.  So for date night I decided to oblige him and me…sort of. You see I’ve been missing my hair lately…not enough to give up the convenience and easy styling of wigs, but enough that when the weekend rolls around, I’m glad to be able to wear my hair out. So here’s what I did for the following style, done on unwashed hair on a semi twist out. When I say semi it is because only my bangs were two strand twisted, the rest was pulled back into a low pun.
For the twisted bangs I only used Hairveda’s Whipped Gelly only. I didn’t spritz the hair or detangle, I just parted, slathered on a good dose of gelly, and twisted. I love this stuff. I kept the twists and about an hour or two before my shower I put perm rods on the end to help them curl up better. After my shower and make-up application, I worked on the back of my hair first. Using more of the whipped gelly and a little water for moisture, I used my Mason Pearson brush to smooth my hair into a high bun. Next I took a banana clip and placed it horizontally around my hair and secured it. I was left with a puff/ponytail at the top of my head. Using ouchless bobby pins, I tucked the ends under all around, pinning a section at a time to make a sort of donut bun. I try to spread the hair out enough to cover the banana clip. Once this was done, I wore a scarf for a bit to smooth my edges and let the gel set a bit. Afterwards it was time to release the twists. The twists came out super defined! I loved it and sort of wished I’d done my whole head (I hadn’t had time at the time) and the perm rods definitely helped the ends. I was going to let the hair just hang as is, but it was a little too much bang for me, so the swooped the hair to the side and pinned it back towards the bun. I was let with a nice textured fringe of hair that wasn’t drooping all into my face. I love it! Plus my hair felt so nice and soft too. Z didn’t say anything about the hairdo or how nice I looked, but I was feelin’ me so that’s all that matters.
I’ve realized lately that I really love the look of a high bun, either with or without fringe. It’s such an easy hairstyle and can make you look sophisticated or casual, depending on your outfit. It’s my go to style for the weekends. Cute, but protective too! I was sad to wash my hair the next day, but since I’ve been working out more recently, I definitely can’t go two weeks without washing my hair. I barely make it through the week and my itchy scalp drives me crazy. Anyway, if you’re looking for a last minute date night hairstyle, all you need are a banana clip and some hair pins. If you didn’t twist your hair beforehand that’s fine. This look also works if you just gather all the hair up and then you can wear a cute headband or flower accessory to dress it up.  

For instance, I took a silk scarf and wrapped it around my hair and made a big bow. I tucked the bangs back and wala! Instant style. The bow makes the style cute...without seeming too childish...I hope.

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