Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve Hair

I had every intention of wearing my hair down in a braid out for New Years Eve, but it had been two weeks since I'd washed my hair and while it felt really soft, it was a little too soft since I've been over moisturizing my hair on purpose. My hair isn't breaking or anything and is actually benefiting from too much moisutre, but just wouldn't hold up to maintaining a braid out. I was going to put all the hair up into a high bun with a cute headband, but the boyfriend likes the look of bangs in front of my hair so I had to think of something else.

Since my new years outfit was a bit retro I figured I'd try an updo of some sort and had a black scarf in hand so I got to thinking I'd do something with a turban and leave the bangs out (something similar to Nikkimae2003 how to tie a turban video on youtube). I flat twisted my bangs and put perm rods on the end after spritzing the hair and using my Hairveda Hair Jelly. I put my sue maesta hood on the back half of my failed braid out and over this I put on a sheer black scarf that I tied into a turban, tucking in the excess peices where I could fit them. I really liked the look and it was sooo easy, but cute! I will definitely do this again with other scarves. Plus it's something I can do in the summer as a low manipulation look since beanies and wigs will be out of the picture.

Here are pics of the styled look before I left the house. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of what my hair looked like upon my return home. The twisted bangs had turned into a fluffy afro, but it still looked cute to me!

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