Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My First Yarn Braids

That's right I bit the bullet and did yarn braids this past weekend! I know, what happened to that flat ironing session I had planned. Well I started to...but then I wasn't liking the look too much, so I stopped and hopped in the shower and decided to do Naptural85's Winter Wash and Go. That was Saturday. I'd ordered yarn and wasn't expecting it to arrive until Monday, but it arrived Saturday...but I was already wearing the wash and go and didn't want to ruin it, but the urge to start the braids was intense. I'd heard horror stories of how long it takes and I wanted to get started, but my friend Dayon and I were going out for a bit and then I would have to cook dinner, etc...so I wasn't able to get started until Sunday...and I meant to wake up early and start, but I don't think I officially started until eleven. I was able to finish the back section of my hair by about 4:30 and had to run to the grocery store to get things for dinner and then when I got back, I had to whip dinner together real quick. I was making chicken so while it was in the oven for 45 minutes I decided to work on my hair some more. And then after dinner Z and I were meeting some friends at a movie so I tossed on one of my threadmill beanies and left. I did a few more braids upon returning to the house after the movie but decided I should just go to bed and finish the next day. To work in the morning I wore by beanie again and when I came home it took another three hours to finish braiding my hair.

The process, despite the amount of time, was surprisingly easy. Granted I'm not a great braider but I think everything came out pretty well. I tried to make all the braids as secure as possible without making them too tight. Prior to braiding I spritzed my hair liberally with Jane Carter's Nourishing Leave-In, applied some Hairveda Gelly, and used my homemade shea butter mix to seal. I also spritzed the yarn before beginning to braid. For the back half of my hair I did the three strand method and for the front half I did the two strand method, that way the back could look a little fuller without me having to make a ton of small braids. I figured by spritzing my hair and the yarn, my hair would stay moisturized longer. During the week I simply spritz lightly with water mixed with aloe vera juice, and every few days I use the Bee Mine Growth Serum on my scalp. I'm hoping I can go two weeks without washing...maybe even a month, but since I'm also working out...I make have to stick with a weekly wash...we'll see.

Ultimately I plan on keeping the braids in six weeks. If they still look good at that point, I might tack on another two weeks. This all depends on how my hair does and how everything feels. I'm hoping to see a lot of growth so the longer I keep them in the better, but I'll listen to my hair and if it seems like they need to come out in four weeks, than I'll remove them.

After I take them out I'll probably do a Terressentials wash, deep condition with steam, rinse and leave in my dc and then bun for two weeks to give my hair a rest. Depending on the state of my hair I might put the yarn braids back in for another month and a half before switching to wash and go's for the summer or if it looks like my hair completely suffered from the yarn braids, I'll just leave it be and go back to a wig until summer time.

Anyway, let me know what you think! I love them. Zac doesn't love them at all, but he's dealing well enough. Extensions aren't really his thing and he wishes I would have just kept my real hair out, but I did this for me not him, so as long as I'm happy with the look then everything is good! At least he kisses me with the braids. When I wear wigs he doesn't show me any attention until I take it off lol.

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