Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last minute henna treatment

Two days ago, on a whim, I decided I wanted black hair, but I didn't want to use regular jars. I had purchased a jar of Rainbow Black Henna a few weeks ago and I figured today would be a perfect time to try it. I wasn't aware there was such a thing as "black henna" at least, not without the use of indigo so...I was a little skeptical about this stuff and kind of worried about the quality too...but if I could get black hair in one step then I was willing to try it.

Why I decided to do this today I don't know, but I had exactly one hour and 45 minutes to wash my hair, let the henna sit, rinse my hair, throw it up into a style, and get dressed before I left for work. Not to mention get my things together and let the dog out. Sooo not enough time. Washing alone is usually a length process, what with detangling in advance and really taking my time in the shower so I don't rip out my hair, plus I wanted to use my mud wash....but I don't like applying that directly in the shower like you would a regular Bobeams Shampoo Bar it was.

Prior to getting in the shower, and right after letting the dog out, I applied hot water to the henna powder, and added some acv, honey, and olive oil for extra conditioning properties. I mixed with a spoon and headed to the shower to wash my hair while the mixture cooled for a bit.

 I sectioned my hair into four, got in the shower and quickly used the shampoo bar on each section. I gently, but quickly finger dentangled my hair as I shampooed but I knew I had more tangles than I was feeling. When I got out, I squeezed the excess water out of my hair using a t-shirt and then applied the henna. I was moving fast and making a mess (I cleaned it all up), but I just wanted to get my hair done and over with. The henna was dark... so I assumed my hair would end up darker if not necessarily black. I got my whole head done and put on two plastic caps, followed by my heat therapy wrap. I wanted to do a 40 minute treatment, but I was pressed for time so I had to shave off ten minutes. For added measure I made the heat therapy wrap extra hot....hoping that would allow the henna to penetrate better. Then it was time to rinse in the shower....oh boy I felt like I was rinsing my hair forever! The water was still running black, but I applied some Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner anyway and detangled with my denman. That darn thing just glided through my hair. I had to look at the ingredients in the conditioner. Whatever is in it, it is amazing! Dentangling was so easy! I may have to keep this stuff (plus it's cheap too). I gave my hair a final rinse and although the water ran clear, I had a feeling some henna was still probably lingering in my hair. I didn't have time to continue rinsing though so out of the shower I went. (I did scratch my head two seconds later and henna came up under my fingernails, will be cowashing tomorrow).

I would normally have braided my hair and put on a beanie, but my hair was wet and I wanted it to air dry so I brushed it all up into a high banana clip bun, pinned in the ends of the hair and tossed on a headband. I'm surprised no one said anything at work. I've been rocking a short wig Monday-Wednesday...but a high bun Thursday...whatever, I make no claims that the wig is my hair. Anyway, I hope my hair will dry well enough this way.

Anyway the color came out great! It's kind of a dark brown...but henna usually darkens as time passes so by tomorrow or Saturday my hair should look pretty black. I'm glad I got the red out of my hair from my last henna treatments. While I did like it, I think I prefer my hair dark.

Tomorrow I cowash and then Saturday I'm straightening my hair! I know I know. Heat! Gasp! But it's the end of the Hairscapades GOC and I want to get a good shot of my length before I continue on with my regimen and grow out challenge.

Next weekend I'm going to do my own yarn braids...not looking forward to the long process but I rather spend 20 hours and do it myself for 5 bucks (the cost of yarn) than spend 150 dollars to get it done (granted in about 6 hours instead of 20)....5 or get the picture. Granted if I'm doing a horrible job, I'll go get my hair done (or give up the idea) but I think I can do it. I really like the look of yarn braids, plus as a protective style, that means six to eights weeks of low maintenance hair styling. I plan on uber moisturizing my hair before installing them and then upon removal, I'll do an uber protein treatment.

I'll come back with pictures of my straight hair in another post. I'm a little nervous, because I'm going to use grapeseed oil as my heat's supposed to work so, we'll see!

Back to the original purpose of the post, if you plan on doing a henna treatment, make sure you give yourself significant time for the treatment. While I did get it done, I'd rather have done it without the rush.

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