Monday, December 19, 2011

Shea Moisture Purification Masque

I thought  I was reining in my PJ ways, but apparently not. I had been eyeing this Masque for months and didn't want to get it because I had my Terressentials mud wash, which I love and plan on keeping in my arsenal. But Terressentials can get expensive so I don't like using it too often, especially since I don't like using it diluted either. I decided to cave and try out this masque and I am SOOOO glad I did! This stuff is amazing!

I washed my hair with my Bobeam's Honey and Oats Bar, and applied the Masque to my damp hair. INSTANT DETANGLING. Holy cow! The comb and my fingers just glided through my hair, and I couldn't get over how good my hair felt. This stuff is amazing and for the price, I think it'll have to be a keeper. Like the mudwash, this product detangles and also like the mudwash, the clay properties also work as a way to cleanse the hair too. I'm not sure how I get away with using this as a DC, but believe me it works. I left it on my hair with a heat cap for half and hour and rinsing it out was a breeze. Plus, my hair felt just as soft and tangle free rinsed as it did with the product in. I had a moment where I seriously wanted to walk out the door without applying any products; my curls looked that good. Even the boyfriend said I should just leave it as is (but I think that's mostly because he didn't want me to twist it up and put on my wig. He hates that thing). But for the sake of my winter regimen (which seems to be working) I flat twisted my hair after moisturizing and sealing, and let my hair air dry. I think that's why my hair stayed so moisturized during the week with very little remoisturizing and sealing.

Anyway, if you've been curious about trying this product, I give it two thumbs up! I like it so much that even though I just washed, DC'd and put in mini twists, I'm soooo tempted to do another DC treatment with this just because! But alas, I'll refrain and leave my hair alone until the next wash time.

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