Friday, December 2, 2011

One Week At A TIme

I didn't think I wasn't going to be able to make it but I managed! That's right, I kept the corn rows in for two weeks! Well okay, they came down for like a few hours, but then my hair was braided up again. Not bad eh? I loved not having to do anything to my hair and just slap on my wig. It's been great, especially now that I'm working another job and really don't want to miss out on sleep for the sake of hair styling...not sure what I'll do in the in a few months when it warms up and I don't want to wear wigs. Another plus is that I haven't experienced any breakage, baggied a few times, and washed my hair once mid week. I took the cornrows out this afternoon because I wanted to really feel my hair. While it has been feeling dry during the week, once I took my hair down I realized it was actually pretty moisturized. I rubbed a bit of oil on my hands and ran it over my hair, and at first panicked because a lot of hair came away, but looking closely I realized it was all shed hair, which makes since.

What's next? Well my mother is gone and I can't corn row to save my I'm going to try to do six flat twists going straight back after I wash and deep condition either Saturday or Sunday. I'm not the greatest at flat twists either, so...hopefully they'll hold together for a week before I'll take them down and repeat the process. This time around I'm going to do something different. I've been faithful to my Mud Wash, but I think it's time I start using conditioner again. Therefore I'm looking to use more natural products and although I like making my own stuff, sometimes it's easier to just purchase a bottle of something ya know? I'm going to use my Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner, but I won't be rinsing it out. I'm going to leave it in my hair and seal with some safflower oil followed by maybe castor oil or some type of heavier pomade. I'm hoping this will leave my hair feeling moisturized longer. And during the week I'll spritz my hair with my new green tea, honey, and aloe vera juice spritz and lightly seal with coconut oil. I haven't decided if I'll continue to do the baggy method. Since I'm wearing a wig during the day, I don't want my hair to be damp when I put it on because I heard that can cause mildew (ew). If I do baggy I'll probably save putting on the wig as the last thing I do before leaving the house, that way my hair should be dry by then.

I think this'll be my regimen for December....mostly. I've decided I will straighten my hair on the 22nd, right before I leave to Ohio for Christmas. I don't want to bring my wig along, and I don't feel like messing with twists or twist outs, so I think a sleek look will do. After that I'll put the twists back in and return to wig wearing.

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