Monday, December 19, 2011

I love Moisture, Yes I do!

I had the best hair spa day on Saturday! It had been a whole week since my last wash and I'd taken out the flat twists I'd been wearing for a week under my wig. Before my wash, I have to admit my hair wasn't feeling to bad. It was soft and I only washed because I knew that there was product build up so I figured washing was a good idea. So I sectioned my hair into four, and spritzed my hair liberally with my green tea and aloe vera juice spritz. I applied my Left Coast Lemon Terressentials Mudwash to each section, rubbing it into the scalp with my finger and then down the length of my hair. I haven't mudwashed in about a month, so I'd forgotten how much I love that stuff! To make it last, I'm trying to use it just once a month and in between I use my BoBeam Shampoo Bars followed by the Shea Moisture Purification Masque (love that stuff). I let the mudwash sit on my hair for about half an hour without heat, and finally hopped in the shower to rinse thoroughly. I decided that a protein treatment was in order since I've been slathering on the conditioner as of late, so I used my Spiral Solutions Protein Treatment and left it on for ten minutes, before rinsing and applying Karen Body's Beautiful Luscious Hair Mask as my DC. I left it in with a heat cap for about 40 minutes, before rinsing on cool. After all of this, my hair felt great! So so soft, and the curls looked pretty good too. I was tempted to wear a wash n go, but I've been enjoying keeping my hair hidden away too much, so I installed mini twists!

First I applied a light deep conditioner as a leave in to each section of my hair, followed that with Hemp Seed Oil, and KBB Butter Love to seal. Hair still felt great and was looking shiny too! Then I spent the next three and half hours twisting with Elasta QP pomade gel (I know I know, this has mineral oil, but I figured on the ends of my hair only, it would act as another sealant. My hair was so moisturized, I had no worries about sealing heavily).

I kind of wish I had flat twisted my hair first and then installed the mini twist the following day, that way my hair could have been more stretched, but I didn't and so the twists shrunk right up when dry. Oh well. I'm wearing the twists under my wigs this week and will wear them out on the weekend. I'm planning on untwisting and wearing a super defined twist out for New Years Eve. Since they've been tied down, the frizz is very minimal and I think I'll actually get two weeks out of them, which will be nice. I plan on spritzing and sealing every other day or maybe every other other day. Depends on how my hair feels. I'm going out of town this weekend, so I can only take so much with me.

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