Monday, December 19, 2011

Hide Your Hair: Self Challenge

For the last two weeks....maybe three? I've been keeping my hair twisted and wearing wigs, and if not under a wig, I'll just throw on my satin scarf followed by a cute beanie (such an easy way to instantly style). I started doing this mainly to protect my hair from the harsh, cold, dry weather. I've been leaving in conditioner, usually something heavy, and following that with a thick layer or some type of hair butter or even grease, depending on my mood. My hair has been staying soft for days and feels really good. Plus, since I work two jobs, I never have to worry about styling my hair in the morning. I just throw on wig/hat and go! It's so easy! I love it. Mind you, this isn't something I'll continue in the summer, maybe just through the first half of spring, but as a fall/winter regimen this isn't half bad. Plus, I think my hair is actually benefiting! Granted I haven't seen tons of length retention, but I'm discovering my hair shrinks up quite a bit and I don't like pulling on it so much to see if it's grown so...I go more by volume than anything else.

As I was doing my hair this past weekend, I was feeling how thick and overall good my hair felt. I have very little breakage (although a bit too much shedding for my tastes) and while I'm realizing my hair grows slowly, it is in fact, growing. A year ago my hair wasn't as thick, nor as soft, nor as healthy as it is today, and that right there lets me know, that I'm doing something right. While I'm still tweaking with my regimen and still learning a lot about my hair, I'm starting to be more patient about growth. I'm not like some of the girls I see on youtube or on blogs, who have gone from twa to shoulder length hair in nine months. I'm the girl that maybe get three to four inches a year, and therefore my long term hair goals is a little longer than most. I'm okay with that as long as my hair continues to feel good.

For the next few months, I'll continue to keep my hair twisted up and out of the way. Weekly I'll wash (bi weekly if I'm wearing mini twists) and deep condition. I moisturize and seal every other day and hopefully by my 26th birth in June, I'll have full shoulder length hair, if not a little longer. If my hair isn't that length by then, I may go and see a Dermatologist or get some blood tests to see if any health issues could be stunting my growth (because I know with this much protective styling, plus conditioning and sealing, my hair has to at least gain another two inches by June).

Moving on, here are the two latest wigs I've been rocking. I've been sticking with a straight haired look, since I don't flat iron my own hair, but this curly one is cool too. It's my dream hair!

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