Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do Growth Aids Really Work?

Since starting my natural hair journey, I've been obsessed with every and any kind of growth aid. If it claims to give me one inch of growth a month, I would try it. If other ladies on natural hair forums or blogs raved about it, I would try it, and so I dived into anything and everything with very little results, and a significantly lighter wallet. When I say I've tried a lot, I do mean A LOT: Nioxin, Mega Tek, Monistat, Healthy Hair and Nails (any kind), Biotin overload, MSN internally and externally, and most recently Shapeley's M-T-G.

It took me a year to realize that maybe, just maybe growth aids don't work, or more specifically they don't work for me. If they did, I'd have BSL hair by now and I'm barely approaching shoulder length. Granted I do have Thyroid issues, which is proving to be my hair's enemy, but still, you'd think one of these growth aids would have worked. But they haven't and so I've decided to stop wasting money on them. Currently I am taking:

Treasured Locks Grow It Tablets (twice a day)
Garlic Oil (1 a day)
One a Day healthy skin multi vitamin (one a day)
Vitamin D and Calcium (one a day)
Kelp (more for my Thyroid than hair)
MSM ( supposedly good for growth, but I like taking it for my joints. Helps my knees!)

All of these and nothing is happening. Sure my hair feels good, but where's the growth? So After I finish these bottles, I've decided to stick with a daily multi-vitamin and the Vitamin D/Calcium mix. I was taking iron because I used to be anemic, but recently discovered that is no longer the case. Since I don't want to waste a bottle of pills, I'm going to finish them and then stop. The garlic I started to help with shedding, and since I don't really see a decrease in shedding, I'm not taking those anymore either. The Grow It Pills haven't done their job, so I'm tossing those once I finish my last bottle. The kelp I'll keep because I have physically been feeling better since taking them. A good multi vitamin, lots of water, and exercise are going to be my new "growth aids" and who knows, maybe I'll see amazing results, maybe I won't, but either way, taking tons of pills a day for the sake of my hair has got to end. It's too much work!  The msm I'll probably stick with because it does make running easier on my knees.

As for growth aids that I apply directly to my hair...well I've been using stimulating oils (peppermint/rosemary) which I'll stick with because they do make my scalp feel good. But anything fancier than that, I'll say no to. I will say that I've been using the M-T-G for the last three weeks and I have to say the product does work...or I'm just naturally growing my hair. A month ago I did something to my edges, and only the left side suffered, but there was noticeably hair loss in my temple area. I started applying the M-T-G no only here, but all over, and I gotta say the hair has definitely grown around my edges. I'll stick with this product until I finish, but then I'm dumping it (it stinks). I added a little Capsicum oil to the MTG and the extra tingle feels nice! Cayenne pepper is supposed to stimulate growth, so we'll see....

So yeah, personally I'm going to stop following so many fads. Hair grows because you're healthy, and sure some things may help it along, but nothing is a miracle grower and that's what I've got to accept.

(Now watch me stop taking all this stuff and my hair does something crazy like fall out! Then I'd be putting my foot in my mouth. Lol!)

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