Monday, November 21, 2011

Wiggin' it

Yes I've bitten the bullet and invested in a wig. I know I know, why cover up all my lovely natural hair? Well for starters the weather is turning colder, which means protective styling is more important than ever. Plus having a wig means I get to keep my hands away from my hair for a bit.

In preparation of the new look, I washed my hair with my Terressentials Mud Wash and followed with a homemade DC of mayo, acv, coconut milk, honey, molasses, and peppermint oil. My scalp felt so nice and tingly and my hair was super soft and tangle free afterwards. I applied some Sweet Ambrosia and Grapeseed oil and lightly blow dried my hair. Afterwards I applied a little blue magic to the ends before sitting in front of my mom to have my hair braided. It has been a long time since someone else has done my hair and getting corn rows was a little painful but worth it! My mom did a good job. They are nice and secure, but not too tight and the wig slid right over them with ease. I'll have to come back with a picture. I think this is definitely something I can keep for the next two weeks and I seriously think this method will have me seeing a lot of length retention and growth...hopefully. I haven't decided if I'm going to baggy every night or just moisturize and seal...we'll see.

As for the wig...I like it but it's definitely something I have to get used to. For one thing the hair is straight, and secondly I can't decide if it looks too fake or not, and better yet can't decide if I care. If it means better hair health than so be it. I'm not looking forward to Zac giving me shit about the wig, but whatever he'll just have to get over his aversion to "fake" hair and what not. It's not for his benefit, it's for mine so really it shouldn't matter. But...I'm bracing myself for his criticism anyway.

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