Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blue Magic and Mini Twists

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've incorporated grease into my regimen...which is something that goes against the purpose of the Organic Mudwash...but whatever. I was avoiding using this product for a long time, but then I was thinking about my relaxed days as a child and sitting in front of my mother as she applied grease to my hair and scalp, and remembering I had a pretty good head of hair as a child...before I was given the task of taking care of it myself. I should have left it up to my mother and I know now my problem was too much heat, not enough moisture, and applying my own relaxers....but not once can I remember having a problem with growth or retention when my mom used hair grease. With that in mind, I figured such a product couldn't be all that bad right? Well I've been using it for a week and I must say my hair feels so soft and moisturized. I've also been doing the baggy method five days a week so that may have something to do with it too. A little goes a long way and I do apply a very little every night before I put on my plastic cap. Sometimes I spritz my hair beforehand, sometimes I don't, but for the winter I'm going to continue to use this product. I do not apply it to my scalp at all, I'm a little concerned about the petrolatum in the product clogging my pores, but on the ends of my hair, I don't mind at all!

On a whim this morning, as I was running my hands over my soft hair, I decided to do some mini twists. This wasn't the brightest idea since I had to leave for work in a few hours and in all honesty I figured I would just do the front and save the rest for another day...but I managed to complete my whole head in about...three hours? I didn't spritz my hair at all, I simply used my Boticelli Bontanicals Brulee and combed my hair if the ends felt particularly knotted. It was a pretty easy process and they came out great. I'm sure they are not all uniform size because when I get tired I start grabbing bigger chunks of hair, but whatever it looks good enough for me. I'm a little worried about doing the baggy method with them in, but we'll see how they come out. Since I'm wearing beanies anyway I'm not too worried about the fuzzies. Again I'm going to make the declaration that I'll keep these in for two weeks...but we'll be lucky if they last a week (but I'm hoping to take them out Thanksgiving weekend). Kind of glad I did the twists though I was hoping to wash my hair tomorrow with my mudwash...but that will have to wait.

Oh yeah, I'll come back with pics another time...again they're on my other computer.

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