Monday, November 21, 2011

Wiggin' it

Yes I've bitten the bullet and invested in a wig. I know I know, why cover up all my lovely natural hair? Well for starters the weather is turning colder, which means protective styling is more important than ever. Plus having a wig means I get to keep my hands away from my hair for a bit.

In preparation of the new look, I washed my hair with my Terressentials Mud Wash and followed with a homemade DC of mayo, acv, coconut milk, honey, molasses, and peppermint oil. My scalp felt so nice and tingly and my hair was super soft and tangle free afterwards. I applied some Sweet Ambrosia and Grapeseed oil and lightly blow dried my hair. Afterwards I applied a little blue magic to the ends before sitting in front of my mom to have my hair braided. It has been a long time since someone else has done my hair and getting corn rows was a little painful but worth it! My mom did a good job. They are nice and secure, but not too tight and the wig slid right over them with ease. I'll have to come back with a picture. I think this is definitely something I can keep for the next two weeks and I seriously think this method will have me seeing a lot of length retention and growth...hopefully. I haven't decided if I'm going to baggy every night or just moisturize and seal...we'll see.

As for the wig...I like it but it's definitely something I have to get used to. For one thing the hair is straight, and secondly I can't decide if it looks too fake or not, and better yet can't decide if I care. If it means better hair health than so be it. I'm not looking forward to Zac giving me shit about the wig, but whatever he'll just have to get over his aversion to "fake" hair and what not. It's not for his benefit, it's for mine so really it shouldn't matter. But...I'm bracing myself for his criticism anyway.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blue Magic and Mini Twists

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've incorporated grease into my regimen...which is something that goes against the purpose of the Organic Mudwash...but whatever. I was avoiding using this product for a long time, but then I was thinking about my relaxed days as a child and sitting in front of my mother as she applied grease to my hair and scalp, and remembering I had a pretty good head of hair as a child...before I was given the task of taking care of it myself. I should have left it up to my mother and I know now my problem was too much heat, not enough moisture, and applying my own relaxers....but not once can I remember having a problem with growth or retention when my mom used hair grease. With that in mind, I figured such a product couldn't be all that bad right? Well I've been using it for a week and I must say my hair feels so soft and moisturized. I've also been doing the baggy method five days a week so that may have something to do with it too. A little goes a long way and I do apply a very little every night before I put on my plastic cap. Sometimes I spritz my hair beforehand, sometimes I don't, but for the winter I'm going to continue to use this product. I do not apply it to my scalp at all, I'm a little concerned about the petrolatum in the product clogging my pores, but on the ends of my hair, I don't mind at all!

On a whim this morning, as I was running my hands over my soft hair, I decided to do some mini twists. This wasn't the brightest idea since I had to leave for work in a few hours and in all honesty I figured I would just do the front and save the rest for another day...but I managed to complete my whole head in about...three hours? I didn't spritz my hair at all, I simply used my Boticelli Bontanicals Brulee and combed my hair if the ends felt particularly knotted. It was a pretty easy process and they came out great. I'm sure they are not all uniform size because when I get tired I start grabbing bigger chunks of hair, but whatever it looks good enough for me. I'm a little worried about doing the baggy method with them in, but we'll see how they come out. Since I'm wearing beanies anyway I'm not too worried about the fuzzies. Again I'm going to make the declaration that I'll keep these in for two weeks...but we'll be lucky if they last a week (but I'm hoping to take them out Thanksgiving weekend). Kind of glad I did the twists though I was hoping to wash my hair tomorrow with my mudwash...but that will have to wait.

Oh yeah, I'll come back with pics another time...again they're on my other computer.

Build Up Woes

I realize now that I was waaaayyyy too heavy handed with my Shea Butter mix. I was applying too much of it morning and night, plus spritzing everyday and doing the baggy method, and then I go and decide to do my mud wash, acv rinse, deep conditioner combo thing last week that although it left my hair soft, I still saw some telltale signs of white. I haven't clarified in a while, and while I love my mudwash, it doesn't exactly work to clarify the hair...especially after weeks and weeks of product build up. I didn't want to do the detox again...although I'm sure that would have worked, but I stumbled across a site on Etsy called Sweetsnthings that specialized in making homemade shampoo bars that were sulfate free. I figured I could try one of these bars to help cleanse my hair.

I went ahead and ordered a few, mainly because they all sounded so good but I finally settled on what I thought would be the best scents. I used one of my bars for the first time on Tuesday mainly because one, my scalp was itching and two I rinsed my hair to do a mudwash and my hair was white! So much build up. So I used the shampoo bar and followed with my Terressentials Mudwash in Lavender. I let the mud sit on my hair while I showered and then rinsed and finger detangled in sections. I must have had a lot of build up. Since I'd been wearing my hair in twists or buns, and mostly covered everyday I wasn't really paying attention to how my curls looked when I did wash because I knew I wasn't going to wear a WnG or anything, but let me tell you...after using the shampoo bar and the mud wash I was very tempted to wear a WnG! My curls looked and felt amazing! So soft and bouncy, and very defined. I'm pretty sure I could have left the house without applying product and my hair would have stayed great all day. But for the sake of retention and hair care, I applied some Sweet Ambrosia, Terressentials Baby Oil, and some Blue Magic and pulled everything back into a Banana clip. I flat twisted my bangs and tucked the hair in the banana clip under to make a bun. I wore this style for two days, covered by a satin lined beanie (well the flat twisted bangs were exposed).

Now I know that I should mostly focus on applying oils to the ends of my hair and be careful with what I apply to the scalp. Right now I'm sticking with my Wild Growth Oil. Once that is finished I might just use Jamaican Black Castor Oil or something...and maybe only once a week to the scalp...I don't know, trial and error. I haven't been using my Shea Butter mix lately because I'm liking the blue magic right now...but we'll see. As for my mud wash well that will be my weekly wash and once a month I plan on using my shampoo bar to remove any extra build up. I don't ever want to have that kind of build up again!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Laziness and Protective Styling at their best!

I've been so lazy about my hair and I don't care! I went a week and a half without washing which I won't make the mistake of again. Well the actual problem was that I was applying product every day on top of product and it caused enough build up that my hair turned white when I got it wet to shampoo! Thinking I could do my regular wash routine, I rinsed my hair and applied my mud wash, rubbed it in, rinsed and....wait a minute, my hair was still white and felt gunky and thick with build up. Uh oh. ACV to the rescue! I applied some diluted ACV to the roots of my hair and along the length and rubbed it in. I rinsed and...there was still build up. What the hell! Back to the mudwash. Rinsed and still saw some build up and decided to heck with it and applied my homemade DC of avocado, evoo, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, greek yogurt, and acv. I applied it to my hair and put on a plastic cap and my heat therapy wrap for half an hour. I rinsed in the shower and as a final step rubbed in a little more mud wash.

While I still saw a tiny amount of white still, my hair actually felt nice and soft and detangled, but my scalp felt abused and I just couldn't fathom washing my hair again. So I just applied some KBB Sweet Ambrosia, sealed with Baby Oil, and combed through my hair before doing a flat twist updo with two strand twisted bangs. Over this I put a satin scarf and a beanie and left the bangs exposed. For the past few weeks this has been my style of choice. Every night I've been sprtizing the hair, resealing, and baggying. I kept the flat twisted style in for only two days before taking down, spritzing and pulling back into a low banana clip bun. I think after cycling tomorrow I'll use my mud wash...

I was going to wash my hair once a week but I've recently introduced a new product into my regimen. Blue Magic Hair Grease! I know I know! Horror! Since I've gone natural I've read everywhere that grease is bad for your hair and blah blah blah, and in all honesty I was going to go all natural and organic with my hair...only I think my hair didn't want to be organic. While I love the mudwash and I did get rid of a lot of products, sealing has been a problem. Every only seems to just not seal and soften as they I bought the blue magic...especially as a product for the winter. What do you know, my hair feels nice! Soft and moisturize and not in the least bit greasy. I don't apply it to my scalp at all, I use Wild Growth Oil for that before baggying. I'm going to continue using it and monitor how my hair does and we'll see how it goes.

So my November regimen is as follows:

Wash bi weekly
Apply Karen Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia or Hair Nectar
Seal with Blue Magic
Some kind of flat twist style.
Every night Sunday through Thursday, baggy hair before bed. On these nights, apply Wild Growth Oil to scalp
In the morning let hair air dry if damp, put on satin scarf and hat.
Friday and Saturday I'll just wear a bun or something...nothing fancy.
That's it!

On a side note my scalp is feeling very tender...we'll have to keep an eye on that.