Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working out while deep conditioning!

Today I went on a run with my dog. Prior to the run I decided since my ends were feeling a little dry, it was a good time to deep condition. I decided to go with Naptural85's greek yogurt deep conditioner. This is my second time trying this and again I used way too much product. My mix was so soupy I had a hard time applying it to my hair. I think next time I might not add so much ACV. I also added some honey this time for the added moisture benefits. Hopefully the next time I do this I'll get it right. This doesn't mean that the conditioner didn't work, it still detangled my hair pretty well and my hair wasn't too stinky considering I put on a shower cap, bandanna and went on a run. It was in about twenty minutes before I got back home and rinsed it out. I rinsed and applied some Terressentials mud wash to each section, let it sit a bit and rinsed and finger detangled. I love that I can finger detangle so easily with this product! It's great. I applied some cold Aloe Vera Juice while in the shower and twisted each section and wrapped my hair in my micro towel while I got dressed and what not. I was going to wear my hair out today in a WnG but I didn't feel like bothering so I applied some baby oil to my hair to seal in the ends and my hair was feeling soft and smooth. I slicked everything back into a banana clip bun with the ends tucked under and flat twisted my bangs which don't quite make it back into the bun. I think this will be my look for the week while I figure out what I'm going to do for Halloween. I kind of want to wear my hair straight but I won't so maybe a WnG...twist out? Not sure. What kind of hairstyle should I wear as a modern Little Red Riding Hood?

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