Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini Twists

So last night after getting off work, I wasn't tired at all so I decided to stay up a bit and watch TV. I removed the banana clip bun I'd been wearing all day and was just running my fingers over my hair,marveling at how soft it felt (must be the mud wash) and was suddenly struck with the urge to do two strand mini twists. I haven't done twists in forever! So here's what I used:

Aloe Vera Spritz (from Butters-N-Bars in the Lavender scent. Love!)
Homemade flaxseed/gelatine hair gel

I started with the front of my hair just in case I didn't finish in time to go to work the next day and that way I could just cover up the rest of my hair with a hat. I turned the TV to friends and spent about an hour and a half twisting my hair. I finger parted because it makes the hair come out less scalpy and because I didn't feel like bother with a comb. I did keep a comb on standby to comb out any tangles I found, but in all honesty it was just me, my fingers, and my two products. Of course I didn't finish my whole head last night and by 1:30am I was feeling sleepy, so I pulled the hair not twisted, back into a bun and tossed on my Sue Maesta hood, followed by my satin bonnet and went to bed.

I finished the twists today while watched For Colored Girls (movie was too much for me) and when I finished I just applied a little Shea Butter to my hair, since the twists were feeling a little hard from the gel.

I'm so glad I did these twists. Because of the mud wash I feel like I've been over manipulating my hair so much...even though nothing bad was happening, but I just wanted a break. I think I did these twists nicely enough that I can get a whole two weeks out of them...maybe even a little longer and then I'll take them out right before Halloween. I make no promises though because I know I start to get antsy after five days or so, but I love that this style allows me to get up and go! Today I wore my Sue Maesta hood on the back half of my hair and left the bangs out, and tossed a chunky beanie over the hood, that way the cotton fabric wouldn't dry out or make my twists frizzy, plus covering my hair means I'm not sitting here at work twirling my twists around my finger which usually means they won't last very long. When I go to the gym tomorrow I will wear a cotton beanie though since that will help pick up some of the moisture from sweating.

Love the twists, may have to look into doing these biweekly installments as the weather gets cooler. Since I'm using the mudwash and relying on a simpler regimen anyway...I should style simply too and who doesn't love getting up and just going. No washing, combing, styling, detangling...just go! That's such a time saver. Let's hope I start retaining some length with these methods!

I have pics, but again I'll have to come back and post them from my other computer.
Here's basically how I wore the twists all week:

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