Friday, October 7, 2011

Detox Day Two

So I was going to do three washes today with the Terressentials according to the directions but...I don't know my hair was feeling pretty good and I honestly don't think I need to do such an intense detox because I really haven't been using a lot of synthetic products lately. So today I only did one wash, but I let it sit on the hair a bit before rinsing.

I did another wash n go today, 5th time this week and I decided to again follow something I saw Naptural85 do. She uploaded a video recently about her quick and easy wash n go, in which she washes her hair in twists and then sleeps in them and takes them out in the morning for her version of a wash n go. Now she doesn't add any product but my hair isn't long enough to go without something so I added a little KCCC while in the shower and flat twisted all my hair while in there after rinsing out the mud wash of course. I used very little of the KCCC because I was a little heavy handed the other day and hated how my hair felt. It was all sticky and gummy and gross. So I was smarter this time around and used very little before twisting. After the shower I wrapped my hair up in a micro towel and got dressed, did my make-up, had some tea...etc. I wasn't able to get my hair completely dry because I had to leave about 40 minutes later, but I know this is a method I will definitely stick with. My hair feels great. It has hold but it isn't crunchy, and it looks like a wash n go...but just a little more stretched out. I think it would look more stretched if I had given it time to dry. Anyway, definitely will start doing my wash n gos this way, hopefully it'll minimize tangles too.

Now I was going to try and get second day hair tomorrow...even though I'm supposed to continue the detox...but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to or not so we'll see. I feel like I should to follow the rules, but honestly I don't think my hair needs it so...guess that's my decision. Will try to get second and maybe third day hair out of this wash n go and do the mud wash once a month?

I'll come back with the pics later.

Looka pretty good. Hair wasn't dry

Few hours later at work. Hair was dry

Today's hair. Did the WnG last night in twist and air dried. Took them out and fluffed this morning. See the combo of a twist and WnG?

WnG a few days ago when I was too heavy handed with the KCCC. Loved the curls but hated how my hair felt.

I think I prefer the look of the twisted WnG when the hair is a little more damp upon removing the twists. I felt that gave the look more of a WnG than a twist out, but I do like both styles. Tonight I plan on spritzing my hair with a little water and baggying and hopefully I'll be able to get 2nd day hair out of this. We'll see!

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