Monday, October 3, 2011

Beer, Yogurt, ACV, oh my!

I tried a couple of new things yesterday! First I started with a beer rinse. I felt like my curls were looking a little flat, so I decided to do a beer rinse. I took some warm bud light and let it sit out for a bit, before applying to my hair and covering my hair with a plastic cap for twenty minutes. Afterwards I rinsed my hair...but I still smelled the beer. My curls looked good, so I decided to just to my deep conditioning treatment and then a good rinse at the end to remove any lingering traces of beer.

After the beer rinse I decided to try the Naptural85's greek yogurt hair treatment. I used a lot less of each ingredient since my hair is no where near as long as hers and I even applied the extra to my face. I can't say it melted my curls on contact, but when I rinsed my hair it was definitely soft and I only need to finger detangle which was awesome! I applied a little Elucence conditioner to my hair to rinse out and get rid of any lingering yogurt or beer smells.

Since I was on a natural, do it yourself kick, I decided to make some whipped coconut oil hair dress. Now again I followed a Naptural85 recipe only I didn't use shea butter as a base. I didn't have any shea butter, so I figured coconut oil would work too. I added a few other oils and whipped it all together and it came out pretty nice. I'm trying to use more oils on my hair and water as my moisturizer.

I order some Terresentials Hair Wash and once it arrives I'm going to do a detox and then stick with all natural products for the rest of my GOC challenge. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to get rid of all the other lovely products I have, it's just a way to see how my hair behaves with very little. Plus I feel like my hair needs the detox. I know I tried a simplified regimen before, but now I have to stick with it since I'm going through the trouble of using the Hair Wash. Once I try it out, I'll definitely write about my experience with it. I have a feeling it'll be a good one.

Now I know a regimen that works for one person may not work for another, and unless my hair looks and feels horrible, then I'm seriously going to try to stick out the simple regimen  and then after January, I'll slowly incorporate some of my other styles.

I seriously don't want to continue being a Product Junkie. True there are so many lovely products out there, but since I'm now making less  money I can't continue to support such a habit. Simple oils and water are soooo cheap and if my hair can thrive on these limited items then so be it. Because really the point of going natural and following a hair journey is not just to grow long hair, but it's also to have healthy hair and growing up my hair was never healthy and this time around I want to do right by my hair.

Quick Update: My hair feels amazingly soft! Normally when I do a wash and go using gels my hair is super defined but crunchy. I only used a little of the Curling Custard to boost the curls a bit. I wasn't heavy handed at all but the result is a soft and defined wash and go! Sweet, will definitely be trying this again. Tonight for bed I'm just going to spritz with a little water, apply a little oil and baggy so I don't have to go through the process of re-wetting tomorrow. Let's hope the curls last!

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