Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Holy Moly Batman! It suddenly got quite cold here in Maryland. This past Saturday the weather really took a turn for the worst with rain, hail, and even a little snow. In October! Craziness. That tells me that it's time to put the hair away into hiding in order to protect my ends from freezing to death. I don't really feel like putting in mini twists...although it's a great style for not having to mess with my hair. Plus I've decided to revist the baggy method for the month of November. While today I'm rocking a twist out, I've also decided that November will be a no hair out month. So if I don't do mini twists, I'll probably do not so many twist for one week, and when they look bad, pin them back. Or a flat twist up do or buns...either way the hair is going to be up. I'll also wear my satin scarf followed by a thick beanie from time to time as well. I'm sticking with my simple regimen which has been pretty easy. I have my spray bottle filled with rose water, aloe vera juice, evoo, jbco, lavender oil, honey, and vitamin e oil. I spritz my hair every evening and apply my shea butter mix to my ends. I think I might start using the jbco on my ends since it's a little heavier...we'll see. In the evenings I baggy. I've been trying to pick styles that don't require a lot of work once I wake up in the morning and remove the plastic shower cap. I've recently been experimenting with flat twisted french braid sort of look. I have to do it in sections but that's okay. Once I get it a little neater, it'll be a great style to wear everyday and even for an entire week.

If you hadn't noticed I'm having the hair retention woes so I'm really hoping to see some growth.

I'll french braid my hair up tonight after applying my spritz and oils, baggy, and probably just wear my silk scarf and hats for the rest of the week. Saturday I'll wash and figure out what style I want for the next week.

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