Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Holy Moly Batman! It suddenly got quite cold here in Maryland. This past Saturday the weather really took a turn for the worst with rain, hail, and even a little snow. In October! Craziness. That tells me that it's time to put the hair away into hiding in order to protect my ends from freezing to death. I don't really feel like putting in mini twists...although it's a great style for not having to mess with my hair. Plus I've decided to revist the baggy method for the month of November. While today I'm rocking a twist out, I've also decided that November will be a no hair out month. So if I don't do mini twists, I'll probably do not so many twist for one week, and when they look bad, pin them back. Or a flat twist up do or buns...either way the hair is going to be up. I'll also wear my satin scarf followed by a thick beanie from time to time as well. I'm sticking with my simple regimen which has been pretty easy. I have my spray bottle filled with rose water, aloe vera juice, evoo, jbco, lavender oil, honey, and vitamin e oil. I spritz my hair every evening and apply my shea butter mix to my ends. I think I might start using the jbco on my ends since it's a little heavier...we'll see. In the evenings I baggy. I've been trying to pick styles that don't require a lot of work once I wake up in the morning and remove the plastic shower cap. I've recently been experimenting with flat twisted french braid sort of look. I have to do it in sections but that's okay. Once I get it a little neater, it'll be a great style to wear everyday and even for an entire week.

If you hadn't noticed I'm having the hair retention woes so I'm really hoping to see some growth.

I'll french braid my hair up tonight after applying my spritz and oils, baggy, and probably just wear my silk scarf and hats for the rest of the week. Saturday I'll wash and figure out what style I want for the next week.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working out while deep conditioning!

Today I went on a run with my dog. Prior to the run I decided since my ends were feeling a little dry, it was a good time to deep condition. I decided to go with Naptural85's greek yogurt deep conditioner. This is my second time trying this and again I used way too much product. My mix was so soupy I had a hard time applying it to my hair. I think next time I might not add so much ACV. I also added some honey this time for the added moisture benefits. Hopefully the next time I do this I'll get it right. This doesn't mean that the conditioner didn't work, it still detangled my hair pretty well and my hair wasn't too stinky considering I put on a shower cap, bandanna and went on a run. It was in about twenty minutes before I got back home and rinsed it out. I rinsed and applied some Terressentials mud wash to each section, let it sit a bit and rinsed and finger detangled. I love that I can finger detangle so easily with this product! It's great. I applied some cold Aloe Vera Juice while in the shower and twisted each section and wrapped my hair in my micro towel while I got dressed and what not. I was going to wear my hair out today in a WnG but I didn't feel like bothering so I applied some baby oil to my hair to seal in the ends and my hair was feeling soft and smooth. I slicked everything back into a banana clip bun with the ends tucked under and flat twisted my bangs which don't quite make it back into the bun. I think this will be my look for the week while I figure out what I'm going to do for Halloween. I kind of want to wear my hair straight but I won't so maybe a WnG...twist out? Not sure. What kind of hairstyle should I wear as a modern Little Red Riding Hood?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Honey and Terressentials Mud Wash!

I finally got the urge to try a honey and olive oil rinse/pre poo thing. I've been reading up on the benefits of honey and I've really wanted to give this mixture a try. Sunday I rinsed my hair with water and finger detangled a bit to get my hair loose and ready for application. In a small bowl I mixed about 1/3 cup of olive oil and added about 2tbs of honey and mixed these all together. On a whim I added the last remnants of this oil mixture I had (coconut oil, etc). I applied the mixture to my hair section by section and really worked it into my hair. My hair was feeling soft even just applying it so I knew something good was going to happen. After it was applied I put on a plastic cap and sat under my heating cap on medium for twenty minutes. I wasn't sure if the heat cap was necessary, but it was kind of nice sitting there with it on and I figured if meant the product would penetrate my hair better than so be it. After twenty minutes I removed the heat cap but left the plastic cap on and decided to give my dog a bath. So all and all I think the product was on my hair for about 35 minutes in total. I rinsed with warm water thouroughly.

My hair was feeling so soft afterwards! Plus it looked shiny and the curls looked good too. But I wanted to used my Terressentials Lavender hair wash so I applied that to my wet hair and worked it into the scalp and along the hair. I left that on about twenty minutes without heat as I did things around the house and finally got in the shower to rinse. Finger detangling was a breeze as always, maybe even easier since I did the honey rinse first. I twisted my hair in the shower to let it and sat around with my micro towel until the hair dried.

Oh as you may have guessed, the mini twists only lasted a week. They weren't really looking too fuzzy or anything, but I just wanted to do my hair so I took them out. After my hair dried post Hair Wash, I went section by section and spritzed with my aloe vera juice/water mix. I swear this combo acts as an instant detangler for my because my denman brush was gliding right through my hair. I only applied my whipped Shea Butter mix (maybe a little heavy handedly) on top of this and twisted the hair in larger sections. This was my first time using the Shea Butter mix that I made and my hair looked so soft and shiny! It was amazing and it felt great too. I twisted all my hair and pinned it up and went to bed. This week I've had my hair pinned up in the twists and I've been wearing differed hats and head scarfs (on top of a satin scarf of course). I haven't had to do my hair at all, plus it still feels soft and moisturized. The twists are looking fuzzy, but since I'm not wearing my hair out I don't really care. Tomorrow I plan on wearing another head covering, but I think Friday I'm going to take all the twists out and wear a twist-out through the weekend.

I think this will be my key to length retention. While the weather isn't freezing cold yet, I've been covering my hair anyway. I think next week I'll wear a WnG's for a few days, just to give myself that styling option, but once it gets cold it'll be twists, hats, hats, and more hats!

By the way I'm loving the Terressentials Hair Wash. It's amazing! I'm using that, Boticelli Botanicals Flax gelee (when I'm doing a WnG) and my Shea Butter mix. I also have some organic oils to use as a sealer, but that's basically all that's going on my hair these days. I'm currently selling all my other products on hair sites and whatever is left over I'll give to my sisters or mother.

Pics of the second week of twists. A lot chunkier and again they stayed pinned back under a satin scarf and various head adornments: scarves, hats, snoods.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini Twists

So last night after getting off work, I wasn't tired at all so I decided to stay up a bit and watch TV. I removed the banana clip bun I'd been wearing all day and was just running my fingers over my hair,marveling at how soft it felt (must be the mud wash) and was suddenly struck with the urge to do two strand mini twists. I haven't done twists in forever! So here's what I used:

Aloe Vera Spritz (from Butters-N-Bars in the Lavender scent. Love!)
Homemade flaxseed/gelatine hair gel

I started with the front of my hair just in case I didn't finish in time to go to work the next day and that way I could just cover up the rest of my hair with a hat. I turned the TV to friends and spent about an hour and a half twisting my hair. I finger parted because it makes the hair come out less scalpy and because I didn't feel like bother with a comb. I did keep a comb on standby to comb out any tangles I found, but in all honesty it was just me, my fingers, and my two products. Of course I didn't finish my whole head last night and by 1:30am I was feeling sleepy, so I pulled the hair not twisted, back into a bun and tossed on my Sue Maesta hood, followed by my satin bonnet and went to bed.

I finished the twists today while watched For Colored Girls (movie was too much for me) and when I finished I just applied a little Shea Butter to my hair, since the twists were feeling a little hard from the gel.

I'm so glad I did these twists. Because of the mud wash I feel like I've been over manipulating my hair so much...even though nothing bad was happening, but I just wanted a break. I think I did these twists nicely enough that I can get a whole two weeks out of them...maybe even a little longer and then I'll take them out right before Halloween. I make no promises though because I know I start to get antsy after five days or so, but I love that this style allows me to get up and go! Today I wore my Sue Maesta hood on the back half of my hair and left the bangs out, and tossed a chunky beanie over the hood, that way the cotton fabric wouldn't dry out or make my twists frizzy, plus covering my hair means I'm not sitting here at work twirling my twists around my finger which usually means they won't last very long. When I go to the gym tomorrow I will wear a cotton beanie though since that will help pick up some of the moisture from sweating.

Love the twists, may have to look into doing these biweekly installments as the weather gets cooler. Since I'm using the mudwash and relying on a simpler regimen anyway...I should style simply too and who doesn't love getting up and just going. No washing, combing, styling, detangling...just go! That's such a time saver. Let's hope I start retaining some length with these methods!

I have pics, but again I'll have to come back and post them from my other computer.
Here's basically how I wore the twists all week:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Detox Day Two

So I was going to do three washes today with the Terressentials according to the directions but...I don't know my hair was feeling pretty good and I honestly don't think I need to do such an intense detox because I really haven't been using a lot of synthetic products lately. So today I only did one wash, but I let it sit on the hair a bit before rinsing.

I did another wash n go today, 5th time this week and I decided to again follow something I saw Naptural85 do. She uploaded a video recently about her quick and easy wash n go, in which she washes her hair in twists and then sleeps in them and takes them out in the morning for her version of a wash n go. Now she doesn't add any product but my hair isn't long enough to go without something so I added a little KCCC while in the shower and flat twisted all my hair while in there after rinsing out the mud wash of course. I used very little of the KCCC because I was a little heavy handed the other day and hated how my hair felt. It was all sticky and gummy and gross. So I was smarter this time around and used very little before twisting. After the shower I wrapped my hair up in a micro towel and got dressed, did my make-up, had some tea...etc. I wasn't able to get my hair completely dry because I had to leave about 40 minutes later, but I know this is a method I will definitely stick with. My hair feels great. It has hold but it isn't crunchy, and it looks like a wash n go...but just a little more stretched out. I think it would look more stretched if I had given it time to dry. Anyway, definitely will start doing my wash n gos this way, hopefully it'll minimize tangles too.

Now I was going to try and get second day hair tomorrow...even though I'm supposed to continue the detox...but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to or not so we'll see. I feel like I should to follow the rules, but honestly I don't think my hair needs it so...guess that's my decision. Will try to get second and maybe third day hair out of this wash n go and do the mud wash once a month?

I'll come back with the pics later.

Looka pretty good. Hair wasn't dry

Few hours later at work. Hair was dry

Today's hair. Did the WnG last night in twist and air dried. Took them out and fluffed this morning. See the combo of a twist and WnG?

WnG a few days ago when I was too heavy handed with the KCCC. Loved the curls but hated how my hair felt.

I think I prefer the look of the twisted WnG when the hair is a little more damp upon removing the twists. I felt that gave the look more of a WnG than a twist out, but I do like both styles. Tonight I plan on spritzing my hair with a little water and baggying and hopefully I'll be able to get 2nd day hair out of this. We'll see!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hair Detox!

Hello All!

So I used my Terressentials Mud Wash for the first time today and I love it! I have the sample size of the products and to start I'm using the Sultry Spice. I heard reviews that a lot of people didn't like the scent, but I really enjoyed it. The directions say to do a 5-7 day detox. Since I haven't really been using too many silicones in my hair I think I'll just do 5 days. Today I did three washes, but tomorrow I think I'll just do two. I was going to try and be brave today and just wear a wash n go without any product...but I just made some flaxseed gel/gelatin combo and I decided to apply that to my hair and followed that with my coconut whipped oil mixture thing.

I made my flaxseed gel a little differently this time. I used 1/4 cup of seeds and then boiled 1 cup of water and 1 cup of aloe vera juice. I should have definitely boiled the product longer because it's wasn't very I mixed up some plain gelatin and added that to the mix. I liked how it turned out and my hair looks pretty decent today, but it's still a lot crunchier than I thought, so back to the drawing board! I saw a recipe for a different homemade gel so once my jar is empty I'll try making that.

My hair is still crunchy, but I spritzed it with some water and applied a little more oil and that helped a bit. As for the Terressentials I like it. It made my scalp feel kind of tingly and my hair felt soft and the curls looked amazing afterwards. With the product in my hair, my hair actually hung down a bit instead of shrinking up. I was sad to rinse it out, but what can you do?

WnG pulled up into a puff with a headband. Pretty simply and easy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Beer, Yogurt, ACV, oh my!

I tried a couple of new things yesterday! First I started with a beer rinse. I felt like my curls were looking a little flat, so I decided to do a beer rinse. I took some warm bud light and let it sit out for a bit, before applying to my hair and covering my hair with a plastic cap for twenty minutes. Afterwards I rinsed my hair...but I still smelled the beer. My curls looked good, so I decided to just to my deep conditioning treatment and then a good rinse at the end to remove any lingering traces of beer.

After the beer rinse I decided to try the Naptural85's greek yogurt hair treatment. I used a lot less of each ingredient since my hair is no where near as long as hers and I even applied the extra to my face. I can't say it melted my curls on contact, but when I rinsed my hair it was definitely soft and I only need to finger detangle which was awesome! I applied a little Elucence conditioner to my hair to rinse out and get rid of any lingering yogurt or beer smells.

Since I was on a natural, do it yourself kick, I decided to make some whipped coconut oil hair dress. Now again I followed a Naptural85 recipe only I didn't use shea butter as a base. I didn't have any shea butter, so I figured coconut oil would work too. I added a few other oils and whipped it all together and it came out pretty nice. I'm trying to use more oils on my hair and water as my moisturizer.

I order some Terresentials Hair Wash and once it arrives I'm going to do a detox and then stick with all natural products for the rest of my GOC challenge. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to get rid of all the other lovely products I have, it's just a way to see how my hair behaves with very little. Plus I feel like my hair needs the detox. I know I tried a simplified regimen before, but now I have to stick with it since I'm going through the trouble of using the Hair Wash. Once I try it out, I'll definitely write about my experience with it. I have a feeling it'll be a good one.

Now I know a regimen that works for one person may not work for another, and unless my hair looks and feels horrible, then I'm seriously going to try to stick out the simple regimen  and then after January, I'll slowly incorporate some of my other styles.

I seriously don't want to continue being a Product Junkie. True there are so many lovely products out there, but since I'm now making less  money I can't continue to support such a habit. Simple oils and water are soooo cheap and if my hair can thrive on these limited items then so be it. Because really the point of going natural and following a hair journey is not just to grow long hair, but it's also to have healthy hair and growing up my hair was never healthy and this time around I want to do right by my hair.

Quick Update: My hair feels amazingly soft! Normally when I do a wash and go using gels my hair is super defined but crunchy. I only used a little of the Curling Custard to boost the curls a bit. I wasn't heavy handed at all but the result is a soft and defined wash and go! Sweet, will definitely be trying this again. Tonight for bed I'm just going to spritz with a little water, apply a little oil and baggy so I don't have to go through the process of re-wetting tomorrow. Let's hope the curls last!