Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Hair Care Routine

I have to say, I'm loving my simple hair routine lately. With just water as my moisturizer and Castor oil as my sealant my hair has been feeling really soft and thick! I deep conditioned overnight on Saturday with my Silicon Bambu deep treatment. Love the smell of that stuff and I'll do a full review on it at another time. Prior to the deep conditioning I did my first braid out! I really like the results and can't wait to try doing the braid out again...although I think I ultimately prefer the look of two strand twist outs.

Anyway the following pics are how I've been wearing my hair lately with my simpler routine. I've been wearing a lot of high, banana clip buns and the only time I wore my hair down was Saturday with the braid out. I've been doing my baggy method each not and I think my hair is doing pretty well with this new routine so far. Hope it all continues to go well.
High banana clip bun

Bun pulled back into a hair net with a flower and flat twist in the front

Twist out put into a puff

Bun with an elastic

Bun with a hair tie pinned down

Braid Out

Braid Out

High banana clip bun

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