Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Protective Styling

As the weather begins to get colder, I figured it was time to break out my snood and start protective styling. Snoods are probably one of my favorite hair accessories. They are so simple and easy to use, and can give any outfit a sort of vintage flare. Plus no one needs to know that the hair covered is actually flat twisted and pinned back, which is exactly what is happening under today's snood.

Last night after my workout I sprtized my hair with some water and applied a little vatika oil to the ends of my hair and started flat twisting. I flat twisted most of the hair going back, except for my bangs which I wanted to go forward so they could flop on my forehead better. Yesterday I wasn't planning on wearing a snood, but this morning, after checking the forecast (it's going to rain for a couple of days) I decided not to bother with taking out all the flat twists and instead only untwisted the front and put on the snood to cover the rest of the hair. This makes doing my hair easier tonight because all I have to do is retwist the front.

Today's snood is brown, but I also have one in black, and I think I'll just alternate which one I wear for the rest of the week. How's that for protective styling? Not only is my hair covered (well, mostly) but having the snood on also prevents me from having my hands in my hair. Hand in hair syndrome is a serious issue for me, which is why my coils didn't last very long and quickly frizzed when I tried to do a coil out. Until I can get better control of this disease of mine, I'm trying to find ways to keep my hair out of the way while still looking...stylish.

Oh yeah, about the snood. The one I'm wearing in the picture and the black one that I have are fully lined, which means you can't see my hair at all (and because it hangs down it gives the illusion that my hair is longer than it actually is). I have another black snood which is an open knit so you can see my hair. That one kind of reminds me of a hair net and I like using it when I'm wearing a twist out. Anyway I totally recommend everyone investing in a snood. I got mine at They have a lot of colors, but personally I just wanted black and brown because the other colors reminded me too much of beanies and I'd rather just invest in a thicker, closed knit beanie...

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