Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Influencing Others In Natural Hair Care

Sorry you can't really see her hair. But it was shoulder lengthish.
So my mom is visiting me this weekend and when she arrived the first thing I noticed is the condition that her hair was in. I know she'd gone natural a while back, but she constantly dyes her hair which means a lot of her natural curls were nonexistent. But the worst thing about her hair was the breakage! It was baaadddd. Like she hair shoulder length hair in the back and sides, but directly in the crown area up through the bangs the hair was probably only about an inch...maybe an inch and a half. It was not looking pretty. Being the natural hair care obssessed lady that I am, I knew the only way to rectify the situation was to cut all the hair off and start fresh. 

At first my mother didn't want to cut her hair. It made her nervous to lose all that hair and she thought it would be fine if she started taking better care of it. I explained I wasn't so sure her hair would thrive with such a crappy foundation. So I convinced her to go to the salon and we went to a place I'd never gone to, but the reviews on Yelp said it wasn't too bad. I'd never been to a dominican salon before, but I saw so many women with straight hair that for a moment I was tempted to get into a chair myself and have my hair styled. I resisted and watched as my mom got her hair wash and conditioned and cut.

I honestly thought my mom was going to start crying in the chair, she looked that worried. The stylist cut all the hair off and tossed on an activator spray to make my mom's curls pop a but and just like that we were done! I thought the shorter hair immediately made my mom look younger and the cute was totatlly cute! She's got a nice shaped head and the short looked suited her and honestly anything would have been better than what it was before. My boyfriend really liked the look too and I think that confirmed for my mom that she did the right thing.

Now I've explained to her what she should do to take care of her hair, such as moisturizing and sealing, and deep conditioning regularly. I gave a sulfate-free shampoo I wasn't using and hopefully now she'll do some things right. Her hair grows fast so if she does things right, I can't wait to see how long her hair will get in six months. 

Here are pictures of her hair before the cute and hair post big chop. What do you think? Cute right?!

Much improved! Cute!

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