Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hair Cut!

I know I know, I'm doing a grow out challenge but I go and cut my hair? I should have done this at the start of the challenge, but oh well, too late now. Since I'm trying to focus on hair health, I thought a cut would be a nice fresh start to do that. I'm still doing the grow out challenge though, I think I'll make shoulder length stretched by the end of the challenge.

I like my hair cut (I'll post pics later), but the customer service at the salon I went wasn't too great. The guy who cut my hair overbooked himself and I had to wait about 25 minutes before he even sat me in his chair. And so I felt like he kind of...didn't focus on me as much because after ten minutes of being in the chair his next client had showed up and was waiting. Would I go back? I'm not sure. Plus this was a Deva cut, which was very expensive and I'm not sure if the price is right, even if it means cutting curly hair. I know I'm supposed to probably trim my hair every four months, but since I plan on being very gentle and taking good care of my hair, I will just dust my ends every six months. I'm also going to try and do self trims from here on out...or maybe get my step mother to do them, either way, won't be blowing that much money on a salon visit again. I mean honestly it was more expensive then getting a relaxer and I didn't even leave the salon satisfied with the styling. It may just be this salon, but I think salons are going to be a once a year treat for me. So....maybe next September I'll get a roller set and my hair straightend or something. I flat ironed the other day and now I'm going to wait a year before I flat iron again. The no heat thing is good for me.

Here are the pics of my haircut. Before and After
WnG Before Cute

WnG before Cut

2nd Day Hair Before Cut

Post cut!

Post cut. Didn't really shingle my hair well,which is why it looks kind of fluffy

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