Friday, September 9, 2011

Hair Cut Next Week

My hair grows in different sections at different speeds, which is how I've ended up with the current mullet thing I have going on. I also have some lingering straight strands of hair from my relaxed days which are extremely annoying to see amongst all the curls. So on Wednesday I'm going to get a Deva Cut in the city and I'm super excited! I've been trying to grow my hair out and holding on to the hair I have and I feel like I'm losing sight of what's most important which is my hair's health. Detangling has been horrendous lately and I think it's because my ends are so rough and dry. I'm not getting my hair all chopped off but I don't mind going short for the sake of hair health (especially if it looks cute). So I'm going to explain all this to my stylist and put my hair in his hands and see what happens. When I got my trim back in May, I felt that the inch I took off grew back fairly quickly, plus my curls looked so my more lively after that trim and I think the cut will be a great way to get my 'spring' back. I'm going to post a picture of my current wash n go later today so we can have a comparison pic.

I'm still trying to get shoulder length curls, but I resigned myself to the fact that it's going to take awhile and I need to be patient. Until then I want the healthiest hair possible, which probably means more routine trims. I want my hair to be all one length and right now it's probably at 8 different lengths all over. It's going to be a slow evening out process but I'm ready for the journey; are you?

I'm still doing my grow out challenge with Hairscapades and I'm not going to count this as a setback even though I'll be losing length.I'm seeing this as a much needed cut to successfully continue my grow out challenge.

Oh yeah so I was reading through the Curly Like Me book and wanted to try her method of leaving the conditioner in your hair instead of rinsing it out. I did this last night and baggied since my hair was still soaked. This morning I smoothes on a little castor oil and pulled it back into a puff with a hum in the front. Was not looking how...poofy my hair looked but whatever. It was amazingly soft this morning so I can't complain too much. I don't think this is a method I'm going to pick up though. I prefer to rinse the conditioner and maybe use a little extra as a leave in once I'm out of the shower. Seems like a little much leaving all that conditioner in, but hey, try it if you think it might work. The writer of the book has amazing tail bone length curls that look so glossy beautiful. Maybe my hair didn't turn out the same because it's a completely different texture. Oh well.

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