Thursday, September 1, 2011

Game On!

Alright so today officially marks the start of simplified September and I'm really excited about this little self challenge of mine. I think by limiting my product usage, I'll really determine how my hair behaves. To have a fresh start, last night I washed my hair with my Plant Shampoo, conditioned with Suave, and detangled. Once out of the shower I wrapped my hair up in my microfiber towel for bit to soak up some of the water. Then before bed I spritzed my hair with cold water mixed with a little rosemary oil and applied plain Castor oil (not Jamaican Black) to my hair, focusing on my ends. I parted my hair in the middle, something I don't ever do, flat twisted the front and pinned all the hair back into a low bun, donned my plastic cap, scarf, and hit the sack.

This morning I woke up 25 minutes late and had 20 minutes to get dressed, brush my teeth, grab my lunch, and get to the bus stop (a good eight minute walk from my apartment). Since my hair was already styled, I didn't have to worry about doing it all over again. The baggy method does make my hair a little frizzy and damp still, but I'm wearing a bun so I don't really mind. I think one of these weekends I'll see about doing a wash and go or twist out using my minimal product list and see how the hair does!

Game on everyone! I can do this!

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