Friday, September 16, 2011

Finger Coils!

So this is a hairstyle I've been wanting to try for a long time but for some reason my hair just wasn't coiling like I wanted it to. Well last night, after working out, I decided I wanted to give them a try. I rinsed my hair in the shower to remove all the sweat form my workout and applied some Curl Junkie conditioner and detangled first with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb and finally with my denman brush. Since my cut, I've noticed that my hair is shrinking up a lot more; like my curls are tighter or something, which I don't mind. Detangling also felt a lot easier. The front of my hair still isn't quite a hundred percent natural yet, so it doesn't curl as well, but I'm glad I didn't do something extreme like buzz all my hair off (even though I was half tempted to).

Anyway, once out of the shower I left my hair soaking wet and applied some Donna Marie Curl Cream to my hair in sections and then followed that with some pink eco styler gel to coil with. From there I just went section by section, coiling the hair with just my fingers and misting my hair with water when it felt like it was getting to dry. I'm not in love with the front, the hair is just resisting the coils but overall I love the style! It's so easy and cute, and low maintenance. I know it looks like my hair is suuuppper short, but it's all still about mid neck length. Today I've gotten a lot of compliments on the hair which is nice, because when I try a new style I'm always a little nervous about how well it will be received. I think I will keep the coils for a few days and then separate them for a coil-out, before repeating the process.

I think my hair is too short for buns and updo's so until I get that length back, coils, wash n gos, and twists will have to be my new thing. I've gotten better at getting my wash n go to last two or three days, before I feel the need to redo them. I was going to stop doing wash n go's but they're pretty easy to maintain right now so...why not?

On a side note, I've decided to up the intake on my Treasured Locks Vitamins, so we'll see if something amazing happens.... like get the two inches of hair I cut off back in a month (I know, wishful thinking). I'm still doing this grow out challenge and I still want big shoulder length curls. I'm not sad about the cut though! This just means I can focus on maintain healthier hair as I grow it longer.