Friday, September 9, 2011

August 2010 VS September 2011

So I found some pictures of me from last August when I went on a cruise with my boyfriend. This was just after my mini chop. The back of my hair had been completely shaved down and the front cut into a tapered bob with bangs. Looking at these pictures, I wish that I had just cut it all off back then. What was I so afraid of? Probably something silly like looking like a boy. But honestly who cares about that? I'm trying to focus on hair health right now instead of length, hence the cut I have planned in a few days.

Cruise 2010...if you look closely, the mirror shows what the back looked like.

See it was short back there

Okay so I last straightened my hair in March of this year. On a whim today I decided to straighten my hair and see where it was at length wise. It's grown! I mean, seriously the back went from nothing to grazing the bottom of my neck so at least I know my hair does grow. Straightening my hair reaffirmed how badly I need this hair cut. I'm excited to start fresh. In addition I'm going to re-evaluate my regimen and how I handle my hair. I think I've been too rough with detangling lately and really should try to fix that. Also I think I need to go back to doing flat twist outs and two strand twists. Wash n gos while nice, tend to tangle my hair a lot, causing me to detangle every day and that's too much manipulation. So I'm going to start up doing two strand twists/flat twist outs again, maybe even some bantu knots. Also, I know I was doing the baggy method, but since the weather is getting cooler, having damp hair all the time doesn't sound like the smartest idea. Besides maybe my hair was doing better before I started the baggy method. Either way, I'm going to stop that for a while, continue to moisture and seal each night and tie my hair down with my satin scarf. Low manipulation and gently styling is going to be my key focus!

So the following pictures are from today's straightened hair. I wasn't loving the look. I didn't do this on clean hair so it was still really poofy and my ends looked terrible, which is why I put it up in the banana clip bun. Now the bun with the bangs out I was definitely digging. Will probably wash and deep condition on Monday and go back to my curls for my Deva Cut! But as you can see, it's a big difference from last August and March right?

Flat twist out with perm rods on the end on straightend hair

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