Monday, August 15, 2011

What to do...

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday in Seattle. Now, for the last two weeks I've been doing the baggy method pretty consistently. I did not baggy Saturday or Sunday night, mainly because I'm rocking a fabulous wash n go that I did Saturday morning. I used my Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel this time around and my hair came out great! I swear I have pics, and I promise I will upload and post them when I get home later today. Anyway, this is day three of the wash n go. This morning I kind of did a poof thing in the front and pulled the rest back into a puff. I'll probably rinse my hair tonight after working out and pull it into an updo, baggy and wear a bun tomorrow and Wednesday.

On Wednesday I am going to wash and deep condition because I didn't do either of those this weekend (busy and all) and then I'm going to...wait for it...blow dry my hair! On cool of course. I've decided that I want my hair as stretched as possible for my trip to Seattle because frankly I don't want to bother with it too much and because I can't carry my entire arsenal of hair products in my carry-on bag. So my plan is to blow dry and flat twist my entire head so that I can wear my hair in a twist out. This is also the style I'm going to do for the wedding as well...although I might pin it up or something and leave the bangs out...not sure yet. I haven't narrowed down what products I will bring with me though. I think a small spray bottle, my Oyin shine and define and a little oil. Each night I plan on re twisting my hair so that it stays defined. I'm a little worried though since it's Seattle and they are known for rainy I kind of want to have gel with me just in case I have to do a wash n go last minute....if all else fails I may just do my cinna-bun and call it a day. I've got to remember to charge my camera so I can come back and share my hair/dress with you all. I really hope Seattle is good to me and my's a city I'm considering moving to after all.

Oh yeah, I've been slacking seriously in my water intake. I really have to do better (written as I eye my full water bottle in distaste). Maybe this is why I have this headache brewing (promptly grabs water and begins to drink).

Update: I did rinse my hair Monday, but wore another wash and go for Tuesday and today. I kind of pulled the curls apart today so I've got like...a funky looking 'fro. I flat twisted the front to work as a sort of headband. Now my hair may not look fabulous to other people but I'm lovin' it. I feel very...Bohemian today what with the afro, long maxi skirt, and wedges. Maybe I'm just excited I don't have to come to work tomorrow!

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