Friday, August 5, 2011

Successful Week 1

Hey everybody! So far this week, with my new challenge and regimine, I've been successful. I've been baggying every night since Sunday, which makes it 5 days! I've been using Deity Growth Serum on my edges along with mega-tek, applying a little Deity Growth Conditioner to may hair, sealing with Palmetto Oil and throwing on a plastic shower cap. My hair in the morning is usually damp, but that makes it easier to manipulate. On Wednesday I took out my two strand twists and did a high banana clip bun yesterday and today. My hair is feeling really soft and moisturized and my scalp feels pretty good too. Plus, I've been protective styling all week and really protecting my ends. This proves I can do this! It's Friday now so that means I get to wear my hair out...although I'm kind of liking my bun/pulled back hair since it shows off my earrings better. I may just continue to wear a bun through the weekend. I was going to wash my hair tomorrow but I'm working out on Sunday with my trainer for an hour, so I figure I might as well wash and deep condition after that. I may pre-poo tomorrow and let the oil sit until wash time. Maybe I can even continue to baggy...maybe not tonight, but probably Saturday night.

As for working out, I did a half hour on the elliptical and worked with my trainer Tuesday, was with a trainer on Wednesday and we did a lot of cardio plus calisthetics, and yesterday I had an interview so I missed cycling but I was able to do a half hour on the elliptical and some abs and push ups/dips. Not bad! I'm telling myself to hop on th elliptical when I get home since some friends want to go out tonight. I'm also telling myself that unless I did some sort of cardio that day, I can't drink that evening so I have to put in a half hour today in order to have a light beer or two tonight. Good plan yes? My good streak continues into Saturday since I plan on waking up for a fitness class and then I have my trainer again on Sunday.

I'm off to a good start! Let us hope it lasts.

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