Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Not So Successful Week 2

Well really this past weekend didn't go so well in the eating and drinking department. I'll definitely do better this weekend. As for this week and working out, I've managed to get to the gym once. Luckily I was able to double up on a session with my personal trainer and a friend of mine, giving me the longer work out that I sooo needed. Needless to say the trainer kicked my butt and really made me push myself. My shoulders are super sore today...but in a good way. I also had a lot more energy today than I've had all week and all around I felt better. I may or may not make it to the gym today. I've got a job interview and depending on how long that takes will decide if I gym it up or not...maybe at least a half hour on the elliptical later?

As for hair, I've been able to go the whole week rocking buns, which is a feat I'm always proud of considering how much I dislike wearing my hair pulled back. Plus I've been baggying every night since Sunday so that makes it...what...four nights of the baggy method? Five if I do it tonight, which I plan on. Tomorrow though I think I'm going to wear my hair out in a wash and go, just so I can give my scalp and edges a break and remove some of the tension that wearing buns causes. I can't say my hair has looked the prettiest this week. I've been styling my bun before I baggy and literally just take it off in the morning and leave the house, so my hair is generally pretty fuzzy looking because it's still damp. I honestly don't mind the fuzziness though, I've resigned myself to the fact that I may never get a sleek updo. I think with my wash n go tomorrow I'll do a flat twist as a headband sort of thing...if it looks good I'll post some pictures.

I'm on week two of a new hair vitamin from Treasured Locks and so far so good. I don't actually think the vitamin is going to make my hair grow any faster, but my hair does look and feel better when I take my vitamins, plus the baggy method is making my hair really soft despite the fuzz. (Oh yeah, the other night I baggied with sopping wet hair...not good, don't do it that way because I definitely lost a few hairs from that. Try to baggy with just slightly damp or misted hair).

I can't believe we're already approaching mid August! I can't way to check in next month and see how it's going up there. I'm really trying to tone down my hair obsession, in fact I haven't even been reading a lot of blogs and what not, which has been kind of nice because that means I've been getting through some novels.

If the hair looks fabulous this weekend, I'll be sure to take some pictures and share.

P.S. I'm debating on whether or not to do one last henna treatment...I kind want my hair back to dark brown...but we'll see, I don't want to waste it and only have enough one for more application anyway.

P.S.S. I know baggying and baggied aren't real words...but they work for now when pertaining to hair.

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