Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And all!

I was just sitting here wondering what I'm going to do with my hair for the Hairscapades meet up this weekend. I probably wont' do anything fancy, frankly I'm feeling a bit lazy with my hair so it may be a good ol' wash n go for me that day...we'll see. If I am feeling fancy I'll do a flat twist out and toss in a cute headband (I think the weather is supposed to be crappy so we'll see).

Anyway last week I wash and deep conditioned my hair for the first time in a while! I even used my heat cap and kept everything on for an hour. I used my Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Deep Conditioner. I really like that stuff as a DC, and it smells pretty awesome too. Anyway after doing this, I did flat twist all over my hair in preparation for my weekend out of town.

The entire time I was in Seattle I rocked the same flat twist out. Of course it got manipulated a bit each day and the night before the wedding I did chunkier flat twists just to redefine the waviness of the style. I can't say I was in love with my hair for the wedding, but whatever. It was big and kind of fro' like but worked for me. Like I said...just don't seem to care too much about my hair lately. I have to admit though I had some serious hand in hair syndrome this weekend! This is why it's better for me to wear it up, because then I don't mess with it.

Oh yeah so I measured my hair yesterday...just to see the length more accurately since I never did a very good check at the start of the GOC challenge. My bangs only measure 4 inches stretched (sad face) and the rest didn't go any longer than 5 1/4...jeez I swear my hair should be so much longer right now, especially if I'm supposed to average 1/4 a month. I think I average less than that which is just so....sad. What do I do? It's going to take years to reach some of my goals, goals people reach in six months or less. It seriously sucks. But at least I know my hair does grow. I'm pretty sure back in May my bangs were right at my eyebrows, and now they hang in front of my eyes...sooo we'll get there...eventually (it really doesn't help to read blogs where people grew three inches in four months or something and here I am over a year natural and my hair never made it to six inches). I think I need to reevaluate my regimen and see where I'm going wrong.

Here are pictures of my hair in Seattle! Doesn't my hair look the same as it did back in some of my first posts? Some one tell me if it looks at all longer too you....
Day 1, Twists just unleashed

Didn't like the bangs at all but what can you do?

Looks kind of funky on this side

Wedding hair, side without the flower.

Just tossed a flower in for fun. My hair was really fluffy since I didn't use gel

Today's wash n go

Wedding hair, the back. It's really short because I bantu knotted the ends

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