Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A letter to my hair

Dear Hair,

I know I have seriously been neglecting you and I apologize. I haven't deep conditioned in what...two weeks? Three? That's just not like me! And I apologize for the sulfate laden shampoo I used last week, but you simply had too much product build up and that had to go! And oh how thirsty and dry you are. Your ends look ragged and you kind of feel like sandpaper to me. And what do I do? I continue to dry (gasp!) comb you and watch in dismay as strands and strands of hair come out. And I'm sorry for that awful detangling job the other day, you and I soooo didn't like that. And I think we need to come to terms that a wash n go style may not be for us. You get quite tangled again so quickly, I'm thinking we shouldn't even bother anymore (but boy do I love how you look in a wash n go).

I think we should do some serious reevaluating because we've got goals you and I. Don't you want to get to shoulder length? Shouldn't you be working a little harder at retaining length? I'll help too by continually taking my vitamins, but seriously you have to start growing faster than the rate you're going or it's going to be 2013 before I can claim you as shoulder length.

Is this a setback? I hope not! It has been a busy couple of weeks and I just haven't had a free moment to spend with you, but good news, this weekend looks like we may get to bond after all. I'll wash you, condition you, and style you into two strand twists and tuck you away for a week so that you may rest before repeating the process. I'll also let you hibernate under a plastic cap each night so that your precious moisture doesn't leave you. Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon. Let's think of July as a fresh start okay? Maybe it'll be two strand twist month for you and we'll keep those ends safely tucked away until August. If I do that, will you reward me with at least a half inch of growth? Maybe even...a whole inch? Please?

Talk to you soon Hair. I'm looking forward to our time together this weekend.

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