Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grow Out Challenge

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but in April I joined the Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge that was featured on the CurlyNikki website. This challenged began in February, but I was a late arrival. Unfortunately the challenge officially ends today, but personally in order to make it to six months, the challenge technically ends on September 1 for me. The challenged required that I drink eight glasses of water a day, exercise regularly, protective style, etc. I did all those things since March and I can't say my hair has grown significantly. I know my hair is growing...but slowly, and while some people are boasting that their hair has grown three or four inches during their six month challenge...I could probably only claim an inch...if that.

Anyway, I've joined a new Grow Out Challenge that begins tomorrow. This time, the challenge is sponsored by Shelli, a blogger/vlogger, on her site I came into contact with Shelli on and when she posted that she was hosting this six month grow out challenge, I jumped on the opportunity to continue my healthy hair journey. This is also a weight loss journey for. I've been struggling to get down to 120 pounds and a renewed challenge and workout ethic may just be the thing I need to reach my goals. My hair goal is still to get to shoulder length stretched by the end of the year, but ideally in six months I'd like to see myself reach APL. My ultimate hair goal is bra strap length...that's probably all the hair I can handle.

For the Grow Out Challenge I will:

  • For the summer, wash my hair weekly and deep condition. Since I will be exercising frequently, I'll cowash mid week.
  • Take my Treasured Locks Hair Vitamin Daily
  • Take Women's One a Day daily
  • Take my L-Cystine once a day
  • Drink at least 64oz of water a day
  • Protective style! Do not wear hair out during the week, wear it either in twists, buns, etc...out hair is for the weekends.
  • Moisturize and seal nightly
  • Megatek every other night on entire scalp
  • Castor oil on edges twice a week.
  • Sleep with satin cap
  • Baggy method a minimum of 3 times a week, ideally aim for five
  • Cardio three times a week, minimum of 30 minutes (elliptical, running, stair master, etc
  • Cycling Twice a Week (usually Tuesday and Thursday, if class is cancelled, than do an hour of cardio to make up for it)
  • Weightlifting 3 times a week, on the days I don't do cycling
  • No late night eating (no heavy carbs after 7)
  • No candy/junk food (includes chips, cookies, etc)
  • If drinking beer, stick with light beers...really try not to drink very much
This is a six month challenge that I really hope I stick with so I can see the results I want to see. Maybe we'll see me get back to my ideal body days and get some lush hair. Fingers crossed.

Here are some starting pics so we can see how my hair is now and every month, I'll be sure to give a length check update. I did these twists...just an hour ago. They are not my finest work, but after wearing a wash n go all weekend and the massive tangles I faced earlier today, I figured twists would be a nice break this week. They are down now while my hair dries, but I'm sure I'll keep it pinned up during the week. Since I'm planning on pinning them up, I'll do the baggy method every night this week. Let the challenge begin!

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