Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Eh, it's too hot right now to sit here in front of my computer and go into details about what I've been doing with my hair. Basically lately I've been sticking with my RealQueens greenhouse effect, about four times a week and I still like it. So I'll stick it out for a while.

Ummm I've been experimenting with hairstyles and products, particularly wash n gos. I really like them, but I don't like the crunchy feeling that gels give me. Tonight I did my wash n go with aloe vera gel and I am going to sleep in my plastic bag and we'll see how it feels/ looks in the morning. This weekend I am going to make some flaxseed gel, which is supposed to impart hold without the stickiness so we'll see...

Um yeah, so yeah out my hair from this past week. I've been suuuppper over manipulatng but I get over styles quickly and it's too much fun trying things out  stick with someting long term. On a side note I think my hair is back to where it was before I cut it a few weeks ago. I hate that it grows in like this weird mullet, way but oh well. Scissors aren't coming near it until next year!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Some Hair Pics

Hair Regimens...

Current Style: The bangs are twisted to the side a bit, but the rest of the hair is in a bun (sorry no picture).

So I've been watching youtube videos and looking at other hair blogs, and that is mostly how I'm coming up with my own regimen and choosing products. It really is a trial and error kind of thing. What works for some, doesn't always work for me. But I'm slowly finding products that I love. For instance, the Aussie 3 minute miracle. I really like that one! Only problem is it has cones...but since the humidity and dew points are going up...I may just have to accept cones for the summer only...

Todays bun I got from a vlogger named Elle, who showed how she does her wet buns. My hair is nowhere near as long or thick as hers, but it looked so simple that I figured I would try it instead of my cinna-bun. I feel like the results were kind of similar. I used these new jelly hair bands and boy do they offer some stretch, but they aren't pulling on my hair at all, it's great (when I did the cinna-bun I used a stretchy headband..but it gave me a headache). I might be able to pull off a puff with these some time. That is kind of what I did today, a small one and then just twisted the hair around and pinned in order to create a (sort of donut)bun. It took all of five minutes this morning. I normally don't like doing my hair in the mornings (rather have that time to eat breakfast), I much prefer doing it at night so I can wake up and go, but this past week I've been doing it every day without a problem.

The reason I've been doing my hair every morning is because I added something new to my regimen: the RealQueens Hair Regimen...kind of. That regimen requires that I shampoo once a month, condition once a month....but I don't think I want to do that. It's getting warmer, which means I'm sweating more, so that in addition to working out...I just can't see going a whole month without washing my hair. Granted the regimen does allow warm water rinses and at most co-washes if needed.

The part of the challenge I am doing is called the green house effect. Basically you spritz your hair at night with water to make it slightly damp and then apply jamaican black castor oil or extra virgin olive oil to the hair (not the scalp) and then wear a plastic cap over the hair and tie on a silk scarf. Basically the warm/moist environment is supposed to be great for keeping the hair moisturized and promote growth/better length retention. I've seen the results on other people and had to try it!

So far I really like doing this. I haven't been using the JBCO or EVOO...I might try one of them tonight or regular Castor Oil, but for the last two days I've been using grape seed oil and it's been working out fine! Maybe a heavier oil will make my hair a little less frizzy though. I wake up with damp hair still, but it's so soft and I haven't needed to detangle. And my scalp feels pretty good too, not itchy at all. The only thing I don't like is the plastic noises as I sleep. At first it can be kind of annoying, but once I'm alseep...well I'm not bothered by it. Secondly, it's really not a pretty look. I mean my boyfriend hasn't said anything, but I'm sure he's wondering why I'm going to bed with a shower cap on my head. But since it is literally the last thing I do before bed, it's not a problem...

So the regimen says to do this at least 5 times a week and I'm going to try and do that...not sure how it will work out if I have twists in my hair. But this bun thing is okay for now. My hair is  kind of frizzy since I'm not using any gels, but oh well, I actually don't mind since it's so soft. I think I'm going to try a wash n go tonight, do the green house effect, but wait to apply my gels in the morning...we'll see.

Oh yeah, did you notice that I can do buns again? I cut off that 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and for like a week I swear I couldn't get all the hair up. I still can't, as the bangs and front part are still kind of short but by twisting the bangs to the side a little and pinning, I can get the back up a lot easier. Yay!

Other than that nothing new in the hair department. I'm going to try and keep my hair up and do the GHE method for the month of June and see where that leads. I've been taking my NuHair vitamins for a month and so far so good. They say results are more obvious after 3 months so we'll see. Come on hair! You  can make it to shoulder length. I've been at neck length forever!

Alright, not going to post as much from here on out unless I do something amazing to my hair (for instance I'll post about the hairstyle I do for a wedding I'm attending June 18th and June 25th). Other than that, I'm hoping to just pop in for a length check once a month or with some kind of exciting hair news...