Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Currently Style: Pulled back with Hair Magic Comb (Love this thing, I must get more designs/colors)

So I did get a hair cut yesterday. Took off about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch all over. I guess I didn't need to go as short as I thought. But I'll probably cut some of the bang part off again in about 3 months until all the straight bits are gone.

I realize now it's a good thing I'm on this self no heat challenge, because I think that's what made my hair all straight and weird in the front. But yeah, I'm glad I got it trimmed, it feels like a fresh start and I took pictures, which I'll have to post later, so now we can officially track my progress. Maybe I will reach shoulder length by Decembe afterall.

Oh yeah, guess my wear hair pulled back challenge is kind of ending early. My hair isn't long enough to put in my little ponytail/bun anymore (sigh...knew this would happen) I could probably still do my cinna-bun, but I think I'll go back into two strand twists this weekend.

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