Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Serious consideration

Soooo...I'm seriously considering cutting my hair reeeaaall short. It's short now (and trust me I've come a long way) but I'm thinking about cutting a lot of it off.

My reasoning:

First and foremost I want to get rid of the rest of my relaxed hair, which I believe is mainly in the front. My curls just aren't falling the way I want them to. Like I love the back of my hair but the front...so annoying! I want to be able to just wash and go!

Now, we all know that I'm trying to grow my hair nice and long and that my goal for December 2011 is shoulder length. But I'm thinking I might be better off cutting my hair and starting fresh. It'll grow how it's supposed to. I won't have to cut it for like a year hopefully and it'll be new! I think I should do it...but like a lot of women I guess I'm afraid. I know my boyfriend doesn't really like short hair, or at least he didn't before me. So will that change if I cut it so short? Will I look like a boy? Will I have to layer on the make-up and wear dresses everyday just to feel like a woman?

I really honestly hope not. First, I must remind myself that hair grows and that'll it'll grow back and in fact might grow back better than ever. Secondly, hair shouldn't be what makes me feel womanly and I know my BF loves me, so I shouldn't worry about how he's going to see me. Third, I'm all for embracing me remember? So if that means cutting it short than so be it!

I am going to be sad about losing my ability to put my hair up. I've only just now been able to put my hair in a very small ponytail and updo's and of course my favorite, twists, and I won't be able to do that as well if I cut it. Sooo...what to do?  Cut or not to cut?

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