Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review: Butters-N-Bars

So I'm always on the hunt for something amazing for my hair. That perfect product that defines the curl, moisturizes, detangles, adds shine, etc. Up until now that search has been difficult. Sure I'm finding a lot of products I like along the way, but none of them have that IT factor that I'd been looking for.

No I believe the search has ended. After much debate and reading through tons of rave reviews I finally purchased a few products from the Butters-N-Bars line.

I got: Grow My Hair Butter, Herbal Hair Masque, and the Aloe Vera Spritzer (lavendar): All of these products have natural ingredients.

First up, Aloe Vera Spritzer. Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Gel,Pure Vegetable Glycerin, and Natural
Fragrance or Essential oil

I applied this for the first time last night to slightly damp hair after putting my mega-tek on my scalp. My hair for some reason felt really dry and tangled, so I did my best to separate it into four sections with my fingers (OW!). I then sprayed a few pumps into my hand and applied it to my hair...wow! Instant conditioning and detangling. I've never used Aloe Vera Gel and Glycerin, but I've been reading up on them and the combo is supposed to be great. And it is! This stuff smells like lavendar, but they had other scents and I love it. The tangles came right out! No lie. I'm excited to try this product on wet hair to see if I can get a defined Wash n Go. The boyfriend liked my hair when it's curly and fro'in but I don't, but maybe with this I'll wear that look a lot more. It gave me some really nice shine too. I've got to get more...maybe try other scents after I run out.

Second Up: Grow My Hair Butter.Ingredients: Raw African Shea Butter, Mango Butter,Extra
Virgin Coconut and Babassu Oils, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Sweet  Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Rosemary Oil   

I applied this on top of the aloe vera spritz as a sealant and again wow! Made my hair sooooo soft! I was running my fingers through it without a problem after both these steps. This stuff smells like Peppermint. I have used pure shea butter on my hair before, but it wasn't anything special. In this either it is or it's the mango butter, which I haven't used but it's supposed to be great. This product is amazing and I'll definitely get it again. I also want to try the extra conditioning butter, that'll come in handy during the dry winter months.

This morning my hair was still soft and shiny and easy to manage. I just pinned it up today, nothing fancy, but who cares when it feels so moisturized! I think if I do this daily (and a little goes a long way) my hair will be looking great in the next few months! Can't wait for big shoulder length curls!

I haven't yet tried the herbal hair masque, I will this weekened after my henna treatment. If these two are so good, I'm sure that will be great too.

I do believe I've found that brand that I want to stick with. I want to try the sulfate free shampoos the line offers because they sound amazing.

Anyone on the look out for products? If so I may have some stuff to give, since I've found Butters-N-Bars!

On a side note, I think the mega-tek is working! It's been two weeks since I started using it...well almost. Ten days. And I think my hair is getting thicker so that's good, but is it getting longer? We'll see!

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