Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Personal Hair Challenge

Current Style: Two strand twists (a lot are unraveling) that have been in for a week. Gotta make it until Thursday before I officially untwist them and wear a twist out.

So for the month of May I told myself I would stop wearing twists and just wear a bun for a month, as a means of keeping my hands out of my hair (as they are right now). So far that hasn't happened, only because I'm trying to just wear these two strand twists for the rest of the week. After that, then I'll do the bun.

I'm hoping low manipulation will help me retain length. I've also added mega-tek to my hair regimen. It's supposed to be this intense protein based conditioner that really adds strength to the hair and it's also supposed to help with growth. Not sure, just applied it yesterday so we'll see and my plan is to apply it every other day at first and if I'm not seeing immediate results, I'll switch to every day. Because it has such a high protein content, I mixed it with Castor oil to reduce the drying factor. I also have to make sure I keep my hair very well moisturized since protein can dry it out. But if I stick with just applying the mega-tek to my scalp I should be okay.

It's getting warmer, so I invested in a satin pillowcase so I don't have to tie my hair down at night (my scalp would get all sweaty). I'm nervous though because I put so many products in my hair, I'm afraid they will all seep into the pillow. Maybe I'll try to apply all my products in the AM, so they have time to absorb throughout the day. We'll see. Sleeping on the pillowcase made my twists extra fuzzy...but oh well. It felt good to be free of the scarf!

I'm excited, because the summer months are supposed to be the best for hair growth and I just want shoulder length curls already! I think it'll fall a lot better once it is longer.

To help my hair I'm taking a new hair vitamin and trying to drink lots of water; aiming for a minimum of 64 oz a day. It's pretty easy to do on the days I have cycling because while in class I chug a lot of it. I haven't been wearing make-up for the last few days and I must admit my skin is looking pretty good that I don't feel the need to hide this or that. Granted I do love some eye shadow from time to time. But yeah, my summer plan is to not wear a lot of make-up...at least during the week. When it's time to part, then I'll slap on some mascara...

So the pool at my complex opens soon and I can't wait to get out there and tan and swim. I'm a little nervous about what all the chlorine will do to my hair. I've been doing some research on the best way to protect the hair. I'm thinking I'll just double up on all my moisturizers and make sure I'm sealing every evening and rinsing extremely well after the pool. If I'm going to be swimming a lot, I may have to get a swimmers shampoo or something...if I can find one without sulfates.

On a side note...I really want to henna again, but trying to give it another week before I do. Maybe two. We'll see. My hair isn't as red as before and I really want it back. The color was pretty cool.

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