Monday, May 9, 2011

New Favorite Hair Style!

Current Style: Cinna-Bun with a few twists in the front.

So I saw this hairstyle on youtube and knew I just had to try it. I washed my hair Sunday morning after leaving in some tresamme naturals conditioner Saturday night. I slept with plastic cap on and let the heat of my body soak the conditioner into my hair. I have discovered recently that I am protein sensitive, which means my hair can get hard and dry feeling if I'm using too many products with protein. A lot of my products have protein, so to counteract the drying effects, I have to over moisturize. So every so often it's good to sleep with conditioner in my hair. I rinsed out the conditioner Sunday, shampoo'd and conditioned like I regularly do and then just pulled my hair back into a bun to kind of stretch it out a bit while it dried. That evening I applied some of my Cantu Shea Butter and my Mega-tek (which I believe is working!) and proceed to put the front of my hair into a few twists before securing all the hair back with a headband.

This style was super easy! I did the twists in the front to jazz it up a bit, really you can just slick it all back and do the bun.

To do the bun you simply grab sections of the secured hair and roll them before folding them back towards the center of the hair and securing with a bobby pin. Do this all around in a circle. The sections can be as big or as small as you want, as long as you keep it even. I have about six rolls. The effect is awesome! It gives you a full, fun looking bun. My hair isn't that long, but this bun makes it look like it's a lot longer than it is. I did this last night and tied everything down with a scarf, which helped smooth my edges and this morning I didn't have to do anything! So quick getting ready it was great. I just added a little flower comb for fun.

I do believe I might try to hold on to this style for the rest of the week. If I tie it down every night, it should be fine. The only flaw is that I won't be able to apply my mega-tek to my scalp. I could actually take it down and redo it in the evening if I wanted. It really was a quick style. Maybe I'll keep it like this for today and tomorrow, take it down tomorrow night to apply my megatek and then put it all back up.

Great protective style. I think it's a little tight right now, so I'll make sure to loosen it up a bit next time around and maybe do something different with the front.

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