Friday, May 13, 2011

Henna and Naked Hair!

Currently: Deep Conditioning under a hair bonnet on medium heat.

So I did my henna treatment differently this time around. It was called Egyptian Henna...similar to the Jamila I did before. Anyway I did 100 grams of this (way too much, so I have left over to freeze!) with one cup or nearly a cup of green tea. I added in Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and a little paprika (for extra color). I mixed all of this last night and left it sit. It probably sat for over 12 hours maybe? A decent amount.

When I came home today I immediately got in the shower to wash my hair (I let the dog out first) and did a light conditioning treatment just to make my hair combable. I towel dried and sectioned my hair and floor and started applying my henna. I was a little messier this time but that's okay. After I did that I wrapped my hair in plastic. Now the last time I did a henna treatment I only let it sit for 3 hours, not 12. And then I slept with it in my hair which was about 7 hours (I really didn't like sleeping with it in. Gave me bad dreams, like I was going to wake and find that it had leaked all over our beige sheets!).

So this time around I sat under a heat cap. Henna loves heat and the dye releases better with heat so that's what I did. I sat with the cap on for 2 1/2 hours and finally decided to rinse. Got in the shower again and rinsed really well before applying some VO5 moisture milk. I let that sit in the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it and any extra henna out.

Now I am under the bonnet again, but this time I have Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque and Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner in my hair. THis is my first time using the masque and I really like. It instantly made my hair soft so I probably didn't need the mixed chicks, but can't hate the extra moisture. Anyway in about five minutes I am going to rinse out with cold water (YIKES!) in the sink and then apply my mega tek and leave-ins and sealers. I'm going to use my Shea Moisture hair smoothie tonight because I am going to do some bantu knots.

I'm supposed to be wearing my hair pulled back all month, but I'm giving my self "cheat" weekends where I can wear it out. I don't mind it pulled back and even though it is not too tight, sometimes I get headaches, simply I think because I'm not used to wearing it back so often. So if my bantu knots come out okay, that'll be my style through the weekend and maybe even on Monday. I've got to show off this fabulous color! It's so...burgundy red....I don't know how the boyfriend's going to feel about it but he'll have to deal. I love it! Red looks good on me. Can't wait for my step-mama to see! She's so supportive when it comes to my hair.

Anyway. 3 minutes until my rinse. I'll post pics tomorrow (if I remember) of the bantu knot outs. I'm hoping to leave them in all day so that they are gauranteed to be dry. I took them out wet once...not the results I was looking for. Anyway, here are some pictures of my hair post henna and without any products. I love the curls! I wish the front looked like the back but...we'll get there eventually.

Oh yeah...minor set back with the bang area of my hair. I was soooo frustrated with how straight they looked against all the curls that I cut them. I can't tell where the natural part stops and the relaxed part begins so I didn't take too much...maybe half an inch? But darn....maybe this will help the hair grow in and spiral a little faster.

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