Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting better

Current Style: Flat Twist Out

So I tried flat twists again and I think already I'm getting a little better at it. I'm sure if I stick with it, I'll be able to start doing fancier things.

Yesterday my hair was in pretty rough shape. I went to bed with it wet the previous night and woke up to lovely matted hair. Since I honestly didn't feel like bothering with it, I made the front presentable and put on my brown snood that completely hides the hair while giving the illusion of length. I don't know how professional a hat is at work, but I think it worked and no one was the wiser that my hair was a mess. It felt dry and tangled all day but  it was pretty easy to get a comb through it once I spritzed it with water.
I parted my hair in sections, spritzed with my water, rosemary oil, and msm mix and then applied Shea Moisture Retention Masque (or whatever the name is). Now, this stuff is supposed to be a deep conditioner, but I prefer it as a leave in. So I applied this to the sections of hair and didn't put any kind of sealer on top. I figured it'd be fine since there are a lot of good oils in the masque already. Anyway I flat twists, some of them in the back i had to put rubber bands on the end. I think when my hair gets longer, it'll be easier to do the flat twists without having to tight off the ends. Anyway I finished, spritzed one more time and then put on a stocking cap followed by my regular sleeping scarf.

This morning I put grape seed oil on my fingertips and started untwisted. I really like the grape seed oil, it's so light! And it made my hair shiny without feeling weighed down. I probably didn't need the oil, because the hair was shiny and soft with just the Shea Moisture but I thought it would be nice. I really love how my hair turned out. It's full and soft and shiny. I think, until I get that 1/2 inch of hair back that I just cut off, I'll try to maintain a twist out look. So far it's hard for me to keep the definition of the curls and I don't really want to bother with re twisting every night. I'm not sure what to do since the hair is too short to pineapple. Maybe just wear my stocking cap and just spritz a little and fluff in the morning? I'm sure it'll get fuzzy regardless, but oh well.We'll see. Maybe mid week after a co-wash I can re-flat twist as a refresher. My goal is for this to be a low manipulation style for me for the next few weeks. Either that, or I might just twist my whole hair...but I kind of like how it's 'free' right now.

*Must keep hands out of hair...

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