Thursday, May 5, 2011

Covering My Hair: Protective and Stylish!

Current Style: My hair is parted on the side in the front and the divided into three flat twists going back into a bun. I didn't feel like doing anything with the bun this morning, so I put on a snood. Love it!

So I recently purchased a snood from or something like that. It's amazing! It covers the hair but it's also very cute and perfect for those mornings when you just don't want to be bothered with your hair. I got it in brown, because while I feel a little weird about wearing a hat to work, the brown at least blends with my hair...kind of. Because it's basically a thick hair net. The snood I purchased is a short one, since my hair isn't long, and it's also a double layer which means you can't see my hair through it at all. While I could have covered all my hair, I wanted to expose the front twists a bit for something prettier.

For the flat twists: I think I am getting better at them. The front is definitely a lot easier to do than the back. I first showered without a cap to let the moisture in the air wet my hair a bit. And then when I got out I proceeded to spray my hair with my water, msm, and oils spritz. Oh yeah, I also applied some mega-tek to my scalp too.  I parted the front and applied some Cantu Shea Butter and Castor oil to my end to lock in moisture. The larger section I split into two flat twists and the smaller section is just one. I just pinned them back into my bun, tied down and went to bed. This morning my hair was really shiny! And the twists were a lot smoother from sleeping in a scarf. Initially I had planned on putting some sort of headband on and making a prettier bun, but I just didn't feel like it. I saw the snood sitting there and decided to use it, especially since the flat twists looked so nice. Put on the earrings and wala! And easy and effortless style that also protects the hair. Now as it gets warmer I doubt I'll be wearing the thicker snood much. But I do have a single layer white one that I can wear and it's just as protective. But this will definitely be a great fall/winter style and I look forward to investing in more colors.

Tonight I think I'll either flat twist the rest of my hair or take it out and just brush it back into a bun. In the morning I kind of water to try doing cinna-buns on my hair. I've been watching youtube videos and think I can pull it off...we'll see. If I do the flat twists I know I'll be tempted to wear my hair out...but maybe if I do the white snood and just leave some hair out in the front it won't count....

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