Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Current Style: Bun.

So I used my Butters-N-Bars products again and I'm still in love. I may stop using it everyday though, depending on how my hair feels. I also will probably finish out the month using my Mega-tek on my scalp everyday before switching to every other day. I think the high protein level is drying my hair out a bit. But a henna treatment and deep conditioning should help that this weekend.

So I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I am on a self 6 month challenge where I won't use any heat on my hair i.e. flat ironing or blowdrying (I do use a heat cap to DC but that doesn't count). This challenge is supposed to be a way to improve my hair's health and maybe I'll get some siginificant growth. But...I'm kinda itching to straighten it. I don't know why and I know I can stay strong and refrain but I just wanted to mention that the urge has been with me.

I kind of wish I had put up a beginning picture that showed my hair before the challenge, so I can compare with the results of the challenge. Same can be said for the bun-challenge I'm doing. I don't really have to wear a bun all the time, but the point of May is to keep the hair pulled back and tucked away so that I'm not messing with it all the time.

I do re-do my hair in the evening, and pull it back again. So there is some daily manipulation, but I don't mind. I think breakage usually occurs when they hair is pulled back tight in the same position all the time. Because I switch it up: high bun, low bun, twisted bun, hair pins only, or ponytail holder...I think that'll help prevent breakage.

I can't wait to henna this weekend! The boyfriend says my hair is too red right now and it's only going to get redder after this weekend, but I like it and he'll have to too. Besides it is temporary, if I stop doing it my hair will go back to it's natural color or I could add things too the henna that would reduce the red factor, but I like it so I'm leaving it for now.

Anyway my bun challenge ends at the end of the month, I'll take a break and go back to twists and twists outs in June, and then back to buns in July and August maybe (that'll be tough!). My no heat challenge ends September 1! Yes! It's already been a month, maybe a little over a month and so far so good.

My hair feels thicker and stronger...may be a result of the mega-tek, henna, no heat...who know?! But I'll stick with it for now. Oh yeah, I'm also taking Nu-Hair Hair Regrowth Vitamins for women. I'm not losing hair nor is it thinning but this product is jam packed with Vitamins that are good for the hair, so that's why I take it. If it accelerates hair growth welll...that's a plus!

I really gotta stay on my water intake. I soooo failed yesterday.

Update: Failed at the bunning challenge. Swear I can only do one or two in a week before I'm over them...maybe I need to pick a different protective style.

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