Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bantu Knot Out Results: Afro!

Current Style: Bantu knot out 'fro with a headband.

So sleeping was an ordeal with bantu knots in! Did not like that. I think it was all the bobby pins....gave me a headache.

This morning...well at noon I took the bantu knots out. I knew they weren't going to be completely dry, some were but some were still pretty damp so I just used the blow dryer on cool as I removed them, to help dry them further and keep some definition.

The results weren't what I'm looking for....I think because they didn't dry all the way, but still I like how I styled it. It's supppperrrr soft this morning! So nice. And to think I only used the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hair Smoothie and sprayed light with some Shea Moisture Oil...thing (I don't have the bottle in front of me). I think I'll try that combo again on a twist out or something, but man my hair feels good.

So yeah, used the blow dryer, fluffed and separated the curls with my finger and put on this wide, leather headband. I'm really digging the 'fro look. I don't normally wear my hair like this because I didn't think I could pull it off. But I think I'm doing okay...maybe? Yes? I don't know. I'm really loving the color though. I'm sure the pictures in my bathroom aren't doing it justice and I won't really be able to tell once outside because it is overcast today, but yeah. I think I'll be doing henna glosses to maintain the red in between henna treatments.

Today equals: Pretty good hair day, I can't wait to go out tonight! But for now, off to do some bowling with the boyfriend and best friend.

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