Monday, May 23, 2011

Back Into Twists

Current Style: Two Strand Twists

Saturday I put my hair back into twists. It was wash day. I used my Allafia shampoo was horrible, won't be using it again. It made my hair feel so dry and hard, ugh. I used my Tresamme naturals conditioner to loosen up the hair and comb out any tangles. I really love that shampoo. It gives great slip and it's silicone free. I think once i get rid of some products, I'll make it one of my staples. Although there are a lot of products that I still want to try. But tressamme is cheap so it'll be a nice money saver.

I deep conditioned with my Spiral Solutions Decadently Moisturizing Conditioner. I liked it! It smells pretty good and made my hair nice and soft, and really defines my curls. I DC'd with a heat cap for two hours (fell asleep) and rinsed with cold water. Afterwards I air dried a bit before sitting down to some Harry Potter and began twisting using a combination of IC Gel and Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Smoothie. I really like the shine that stuff gives my hair and although i don't really like using it as a moisturizer, it works great for twists. The IC gel made the hair a little hard, but it is helping to keep the twists together.
My goal is to keep these in for at least a week, but ideally two if I can make it. I'm just kinda tired of doing my hair right now. If anything I might go get my hair done...but we'll see. If I tie my hair down everynight and don't use water, i think they won't get as fuzzy as fast. We'll see.

I've been taking my NuHair vitamins and using my megatek consistently...I can't really see a difference in my hair. I mean yes it feels healthier, but it doesn't really seem to be getting much longer does it? Well I did just cut it nearly a week ago, guess I can't expect to get that 1/2 inch back that quickly....I really wish I could though! But patience...We'll just have to see where I end up by September 1. Hopefully to my shoulders...

I've got weddings coming up and I can't figure out how I want to wear my hair. All I know is I've got a yellow flower and I want to use it.

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