Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

My two strand twists just don't last the way they're supposed to. I think next time I'll break out the big guns and slather on some gel. I really want to be able to wear this style for two weeks! Not just four days. I mean what's the point of low manipulation if I have to retwist midweek?

So because they are getting fuzzy and unraveling, I've been wearing snoods to work. I think they lend a kind of vintage charm...even though they are essentially beanies. But oh well, not getting any complaints and in fact got a compliment yesterday.

So I'll probably keep the twists in until Saturday, but keep them covered, and then redo them after conditioning on Saturday. And maybe get some longer wear out of them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Back Into Twists

Current Style: Two Strand Twists

Saturday I put my hair back into twists. It was wash day. I used my Allafia shampoo was horrible, won't be using it again. It made my hair feel so dry and hard, ugh. I used my Tresamme naturals conditioner to loosen up the hair and comb out any tangles. I really love that shampoo. It gives great slip and it's silicone free. I think once i get rid of some products, I'll make it one of my staples. Although there are a lot of products that I still want to try. But tressamme is cheap so it'll be a nice money saver.

I deep conditioned with my Spiral Solutions Decadently Moisturizing Conditioner. I liked it! It smells pretty good and made my hair nice and soft, and really defines my curls. I DC'd with a heat cap for two hours (fell asleep) and rinsed with cold water. Afterwards I air dried a bit before sitting down to some Harry Potter and began twisting using a combination of IC Gel and Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Smoothie. I really like the shine that stuff gives my hair and although i don't really like using it as a moisturizer, it works great for twists. The IC gel made the hair a little hard, but it is helping to keep the twists together.
My goal is to keep these in for at least a week, but ideally two if I can make it. I'm just kinda tired of doing my hair right now. If anything I might go get my hair done...but we'll see. If I tie my hair down everynight and don't use water, i think they won't get as fuzzy as fast. We'll see.

I've been taking my NuHair vitamins and using my megatek consistently...I can't really see a difference in my hair. I mean yes it feels healthier, but it doesn't really seem to be getting much longer does it? Well I did just cut it nearly a week ago, guess I can't expect to get that 1/2 inch back that quickly....I really wish I could though! But patience...We'll just have to see where I end up by September 1. Hopefully to my shoulders...

I've got weddings coming up and I can't figure out how I want to wear my hair. All I know is I've got a yellow flower and I want to use it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting better

Current Style: Flat Twist Out

So I tried flat twists again and I think already I'm getting a little better at it. I'm sure if I stick with it, I'll be able to start doing fancier things.

Yesterday my hair was in pretty rough shape. I went to bed with it wet the previous night and woke up to lovely matted hair. Since I honestly didn't feel like bothering with it, I made the front presentable and put on my brown snood that completely hides the hair while giving the illusion of length. I don't know how professional a hat is at work, but I think it worked and no one was the wiser that my hair was a mess. It felt dry and tangled all day but  it was pretty easy to get a comb through it once I spritzed it with water.
I parted my hair in sections, spritzed with my water, rosemary oil, and msm mix and then applied Shea Moisture Retention Masque (or whatever the name is). Now, this stuff is supposed to be a deep conditioner, but I prefer it as a leave in. So I applied this to the sections of hair and didn't put any kind of sealer on top. I figured it'd be fine since there are a lot of good oils in the masque already. Anyway I flat twists, some of them in the back i had to put rubber bands on the end. I think when my hair gets longer, it'll be easier to do the flat twists without having to tight off the ends. Anyway I finished, spritzed one more time and then put on a stocking cap followed by my regular sleeping scarf.

This morning I put grape seed oil on my fingertips and started untwisted. I really like the grape seed oil, it's so light! And it made my hair shiny without feeling weighed down. I probably didn't need the oil, because the hair was shiny and soft with just the Shea Moisture but I thought it would be nice. I really love how my hair turned out. It's full and soft and shiny. I think, until I get that 1/2 inch of hair back that I just cut off, I'll try to maintain a twist out look. So far it's hard for me to keep the definition of the curls and I don't really want to bother with re twisting every night. I'm not sure what to do since the hair is too short to pineapple. Maybe just wear my stocking cap and just spritz a little and fluff in the morning? I'm sure it'll get fuzzy regardless, but oh well.We'll see. Maybe mid week after a co-wash I can re-flat twist as a refresher. My goal is for this to be a low manipulation style for me for the next few weeks. Either that, or I might just twist my whole hair...but I kind of like how it's 'free' right now.

*Must keep hands out of hair...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Currently Style: Pulled back with Hair Magic Comb (Love this thing, I must get more designs/colors)

So I did get a hair cut yesterday. Took off about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch all over. I guess I didn't need to go as short as I thought. But I'll probably cut some of the bang part off again in about 3 months until all the straight bits are gone.

I realize now it's a good thing I'm on this self no heat challenge, because I think that's what made my hair all straight and weird in the front. But yeah, I'm glad I got it trimmed, it feels like a fresh start and I took pictures, which I'll have to post later, so now we can officially track my progress. Maybe I will reach shoulder length by Decembe afterall.

Oh yeah, guess my wear hair pulled back challenge is kind of ending early. My hair isn't long enough to put in my little ponytail/bun anymore (sigh...knew this would happen) I could probably still do my cinna-bun, but I think I'll go back into two strand twists this weekend.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Serious consideration

Soooo...I'm seriously considering cutting my hair reeeaaall short. It's short now (and trust me I've come a long way) but I'm thinking about cutting a lot of it off.

My reasoning:

First and foremost I want to get rid of the rest of my relaxed hair, which I believe is mainly in the front. My curls just aren't falling the way I want them to. Like I love the back of my hair but the annoying! I want to be able to just wash and go!

Now, we all know that I'm trying to grow my hair nice and long and that my goal for December 2011 is shoulder length. But I'm thinking I might be better off cutting my hair and starting fresh. It'll grow how it's supposed to. I won't have to cut it for like a year hopefully and it'll be new! I think I should do it...but like a lot of women I guess I'm afraid. I know my boyfriend doesn't really like short hair, or at least he didn't before me. So will that change if I cut it so short? Will I look like a boy? Will I have to layer on the make-up and wear dresses everyday just to feel like a woman?

I really honestly hope not. First, I must remind myself that hair grows and that'll it'll grow back and in fact might grow back better than ever. Secondly, hair shouldn't be what makes me feel womanly and I know my BF loves me, so I shouldn't worry about how he's going to see me. Third, I'm all for embracing me remember? So if that means cutting it short than so be it!

I am going to be sad about losing my ability to put my hair up. I've only just now been able to put my hair in a very small ponytail and updo's and of course my favorite, twists, and I won't be able to do that as well if I cut it. Sooo...what to do?  Cut or not to cut?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bantu Knot Out Results: Afro!

Current Style: Bantu knot out 'fro with a headband.

So sleeping was an ordeal with bantu knots in! Did not like that. I think it was all the bobby pins....gave me a headache.

This morning...well at noon I took the bantu knots out. I knew they weren't going to be completely dry, some were but some were still pretty damp so I just used the blow dryer on cool as I removed them, to help dry them further and keep some definition.

The results weren't what I'm looking for....I think because they didn't dry all the way, but still I like how I styled it. It's supppperrrr soft this morning! So nice. And to think I only used the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hair Smoothie and sprayed light with some Shea Moisture Oil...thing (I don't have the bottle in front of me). I think I'll try that combo again on a twist out or something, but man my hair feels good.

So yeah, used the blow dryer, fluffed and separated the curls with my finger and put on this wide, leather headband. I'm really digging the 'fro look. I don't normally wear my hair like this because I didn't think I could pull it off. But I think I'm doing okay...maybe? Yes? I don't know. I'm really loving the color though. I'm sure the pictures in my bathroom aren't doing it justice and I won't really be able to tell once outside because it is overcast today, but yeah. I think I'll be doing henna glosses to maintain the red in between henna treatments.

Today equals: Pretty good hair day, I can't wait to go out tonight! But for now, off to do some bowling with the boyfriend and best friend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Henna and Naked Hair!

Currently: Deep Conditioning under a hair bonnet on medium heat.

So I did my henna treatment differently this time around. It was called Egyptian Henna...similar to the Jamila I did before. Anyway I did 100 grams of this (way too much, so I have left over to freeze!) with one cup or nearly a cup of green tea. I added in Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and a little paprika (for extra color). I mixed all of this last night and left it sit. It probably sat for over 12 hours maybe? A decent amount.

When I came home today I immediately got in the shower to wash my hair (I let the dog out first) and did a light conditioning treatment just to make my hair combable. I towel dried and sectioned my hair and floor and started applying my henna. I was a little messier this time but that's okay. After I did that I wrapped my hair in plastic. Now the last time I did a henna treatment I only let it sit for 3 hours, not 12. And then I slept with it in my hair which was about 7 hours (I really didn't like sleeping with it in. Gave me bad dreams, like I was going to wake and find that it had leaked all over our beige sheets!).

So this time around I sat under a heat cap. Henna loves heat and the dye releases better with heat so that's what I did. I sat with the cap on for 2 1/2 hours and finally decided to rinse. Got in the shower again and rinsed really well before applying some VO5 moisture milk. I let that sit in the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it and any extra henna out.

Now I am under the bonnet again, but this time I have Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque and Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner in my hair. THis is my first time using the masque and I really like. It instantly made my hair soft so I probably didn't need the mixed chicks, but can't hate the extra moisture. Anyway in about five minutes I am going to rinse out with cold water (YIKES!) in the sink and then apply my mega tek and leave-ins and sealers. I'm going to use my Shea Moisture hair smoothie tonight because I am going to do some bantu knots.

I'm supposed to be wearing my hair pulled back all month, but I'm giving my self "cheat" weekends where I can wear it out. I don't mind it pulled back and even though it is not too tight, sometimes I get headaches, simply I think because I'm not used to wearing it back so often. So if my bantu knots come out okay, that'll be my style through the weekend and maybe even on Monday. I've got to show off this fabulous color! It's so...burgundy red....I don't know how the boyfriend's going to feel about it but he'll have to deal. I love it! Red looks good on me. Can't wait for my step-mama to see! She's so supportive when it comes to my hair.

Anyway. 3 minutes until my rinse. I'll post pics tomorrow (if I remember) of the bantu knot outs. I'm hoping to leave them in all day so that they are gauranteed to be dry. I took them out wet once...not the results I was looking for. Anyway, here are some pictures of my hair post henna and without any products. I love the curls! I wish the front looked like the back but...we'll get there eventually.

Oh yeah...minor set back with the bang area of my hair. I was soooo frustrated with how straight they looked against all the curls that I cut them. I can't tell where the natural part stops and the relaxed part begins so I didn't take too much...maybe half an inch? But darn....maybe this will help the hair grow in and spiral a little faster.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Current Style: Bun.

So I used my Butters-N-Bars products again and I'm still in love. I may stop using it everyday though, depending on how my hair feels. I also will probably finish out the month using my Mega-tek on my scalp everyday before switching to every other day. I think the high protein level is drying my hair out a bit. But a henna treatment and deep conditioning should help that this weekend.

So I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I am on a self 6 month challenge where I won't use any heat on my hair i.e. flat ironing or blowdrying (I do use a heat cap to DC but that doesn't count). This challenge is supposed to be a way to improve my hair's health and maybe I'll get some siginificant growth. But...I'm kinda itching to straighten it. I don't know why and I know I can stay strong and refrain but I just wanted to mention that the urge has been with me.

I kind of wish I had put up a beginning picture that showed my hair before the challenge, so I can compare with the results of the challenge. Same can be said for the bun-challenge I'm doing. I don't really have to wear a bun all the time, but the point of May is to keep the hair pulled back and tucked away so that I'm not messing with it all the time.

I do re-do my hair in the evening, and pull it back again. So there is some daily manipulation, but I don't mind. I think breakage usually occurs when they hair is pulled back tight in the same position all the time. Because I switch it up: high bun, low bun, twisted bun, hair pins only, or ponytail holder...I think that'll help prevent breakage.

I can't wait to henna this weekend! The boyfriend says my hair is too red right now and it's only going to get redder after this weekend, but I like it and he'll have to too. Besides it is temporary, if I stop doing it my hair will go back to it's natural color or I could add things too the henna that would reduce the red factor, but I like it so I'm leaving it for now.

Anyway my bun challenge ends at the end of the month, I'll take a break and go back to twists and twists outs in June, and then back to buns in July and August maybe (that'll be tough!). My no heat challenge ends September 1! Yes! It's already been a month, maybe a little over a month and so far so good.

My hair feels thicker and stronger...may be a result of the mega-tek, henna, no heat...who know?! But I'll stick with it for now. Oh yeah, I'm also taking Nu-Hair Hair Regrowth Vitamins for women. I'm not losing hair nor is it thinning but this product is jam packed with Vitamins that are good for the hair, so that's why I take it. If it accelerates hair growth welll...that's a plus!

I really gotta stay on my water intake. I soooo failed yesterday.

Update: Failed at the bunning challenge. Swear I can only do one or two in a week before I'm over them...maybe I need to pick a different protective style.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review: Butters-N-Bars

So I'm always on the hunt for something amazing for my hair. That perfect product that defines the curl, moisturizes, detangles, adds shine, etc. Up until now that search has been difficult. Sure I'm finding a lot of products I like along the way, but none of them have that IT factor that I'd been looking for.

No I believe the search has ended. After much debate and reading through tons of rave reviews I finally purchased a few products from the Butters-N-Bars line.

I got: Grow My Hair Butter, Herbal Hair Masque, and the Aloe Vera Spritzer (lavendar): All of these products have natural ingredients.

First up, Aloe Vera Spritzer. Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Gel,Pure Vegetable Glycerin, and Natural
Fragrance or Essential oil

I applied this for the first time last night to slightly damp hair after putting my mega-tek on my scalp. My hair for some reason felt really dry and tangled, so I did my best to separate it into four sections with my fingers (OW!). I then sprayed a few pumps into my hand and applied it to my! Instant conditioning and detangling. I've never used Aloe Vera Gel and Glycerin, but I've been reading up on them and the combo is supposed to be great. And it is! This stuff smells like lavendar, but they had other scents and I love it. The tangles came right out! No lie. I'm excited to try this product on wet hair to see if I can get a defined Wash n Go. The boyfriend liked my hair when it's curly and fro'in but I don't, but maybe with this I'll wear that look a lot more. It gave me some really nice shine too. I've got to get more...maybe try other scents after I run out.

Second Up: Grow My Hair Butter.Ingredients: Raw African Shea Butter, Mango Butter,Extra
Virgin Coconut and Babassu Oils, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Sweet  Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Rosemary Oil   

I applied this on top of the aloe vera spritz as a sealant and again wow! Made my hair sooooo soft! I was running my fingers through it without a problem after both these steps. This stuff smells like Peppermint. I have used pure shea butter on my hair before, but it wasn't anything special. In this either it is or it's the mango butter, which I haven't used but it's supposed to be great. This product is amazing and I'll definitely get it again. I also want to try the extra conditioning butter, that'll come in handy during the dry winter months.

This morning my hair was still soft and shiny and easy to manage. I just pinned it up today, nothing fancy, but who cares when it feels so moisturized! I think if I do this daily (and a little goes a long way) my hair will be looking great in the next few months! Can't wait for big shoulder length curls!

I haven't yet tried the herbal hair masque, I will this weekened after my henna treatment. If these two are so good, I'm sure that will be great too.

I do believe I've found that brand that I want to stick with. I want to try the sulfate free shampoos the line offers because they sound amazing.

Anyone on the look out for products? If so I may have some stuff to give, since I've found Butters-N-Bars!

On a side note, I think the mega-tek is working! It's been two weeks since I started using it...well almost. Ten days. And I think my hair is getting thicker so that's good, but is it getting longer? We'll see!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Favorite Hair Style!

Current Style: Cinna-Bun with a few twists in the front.

So I saw this hairstyle on youtube and knew I just had to try it. I washed my hair Sunday morning after leaving in some tresamme naturals conditioner Saturday night. I slept with plastic cap on and let the heat of my body soak the conditioner into my hair. I have discovered recently that I am protein sensitive, which means my hair can get hard and dry feeling if I'm using too many products with protein. A lot of my products have protein, so to counteract the drying effects, I have to over moisturize. So every so often it's good to sleep with conditioner in my hair. I rinsed out the conditioner Sunday, shampoo'd and conditioned like I regularly do and then just pulled my hair back into a bun to kind of stretch it out a bit while it dried. That evening I applied some of my Cantu Shea Butter and my Mega-tek (which I believe is working!) and proceed to put the front of my hair into a few twists before securing all the hair back with a headband.

This style was super easy! I did the twists in the front to jazz it up a bit, really you can just slick it all back and do the bun.

To do the bun you simply grab sections of the secured hair and roll them before folding them back towards the center of the hair and securing with a bobby pin. Do this all around in a circle. The sections can be as big or as small as you want, as long as you keep it even. I have about six rolls. The effect is awesome! It gives you a full, fun looking bun. My hair isn't that long, but this bun makes it look like it's a lot longer than it is. I did this last night and tied everything down with a scarf, which helped smooth my edges and this morning I didn't have to do anything! So quick getting ready it was great. I just added a little flower comb for fun.

I do believe I might try to hold on to this style for the rest of the week. If I tie it down every night, it should be fine. The only flaw is that I won't be able to apply my mega-tek to my scalp. I could actually take it down and redo it in the evening if I wanted. It really was a quick style. Maybe I'll keep it like this for today and tomorrow, take it down tomorrow night to apply my megatek and then put it all back up.

Great protective style. I think it's a little tight right now, so I'll make sure to loosen it up a bit next time around and maybe do something different with the front.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty Flowers

Current Style: A few flat twists in the front and pinned up in the back, with a pretty orange flower as decoration.

I didn't think I was ever going to be the type of girl to put flowers in my hair. Yet, something about natural, big curly hair requires decoration i.e. a flower. I also didn't think I'd be able to pull a flower off and I've been experimenting with it, but before this to no avail. But now I think I've got it. I kind of like the flower with a pulled back looks kind of elegant. I still want to try the flower thing with my hair out and down, but I think I'll wait for it to get a little longer first.

I got this flower at Ulta and it's huge and orange and I love it. I thought it would be really fun for summer and I'm currently really digging the colors orange and coral. I'm on the look out for a yellow and purple flower. Hopefully I can find the yellow flower by the time June rolls around because I want to wear it to one of the weddings I am going to this summer.

As for my routine, nothing much is different. This is day two of this style, yesterday I had mostly all of my hair covered, but kept the flat twists in over night and just pinned up the back. I spritzed my hair a bit and applied shea butter for the moisture factor and tied my hair down again, which really help smooth away any frizz. I think this will be my hair style for the rest of the weekend, either with another flower in it or some rhinestone hair clips for decoration. Sunday I may wash and style it differently...actually I kind of want to flat twist the rest and wear a twist out look for work Monday...but I'm kind of in a self challenge where I'm supposed to to keep my hair pulled back. I just feel like I'd be wasting the twists, because I know I'd get some great waves from leaving them in so long. Oh well, I've got a few days to decide.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Covering My Hair: Protective and Stylish!

Current Style: My hair is parted on the side in the front and the divided into three flat twists going back into a bun. I didn't feel like doing anything with the bun this morning, so I put on a snood. Love it!

So I recently purchased a snood from or something like that. It's amazing! It covers the hair but it's also very cute and perfect for those mornings when you just don't want to be bothered with your hair. I got it in brown, because while I feel a little weird about wearing a hat to work, the brown at least blends with my hair...kind of. Because it's basically a thick hair net. The snood I purchased is a short one, since my hair isn't long, and it's also a double layer which means you can't see my hair through it at all. While I could have covered all my hair, I wanted to expose the front twists a bit for something prettier.

For the flat twists: I think I am getting better at them. The front is definitely a lot easier to do than the back. I first showered without a cap to let the moisture in the air wet my hair a bit. And then when I got out I proceeded to spray my hair with my water, msm, and oils spritz. Oh yeah, I also applied some mega-tek to my scalp too.  I parted the front and applied some Cantu Shea Butter and Castor oil to my end to lock in moisture. The larger section I split into two flat twists and the smaller section is just one. I just pinned them back into my bun, tied down and went to bed. This morning my hair was really shiny! And the twists were a lot smoother from sleeping in a scarf. Initially I had planned on putting some sort of headband on and making a prettier bun, but I just didn't feel like it. I saw the snood sitting there and decided to use it, especially since the flat twists looked so nice. Put on the earrings and wala! And easy and effortless style that also protects the hair. Now as it gets warmer I doubt I'll be wearing the thicker snood much. But I do have a single layer white one that I can wear and it's just as protective. But this will definitely be a great fall/winter style and I look forward to investing in more colors.

Tonight I think I'll either flat twist the rest of my hair or take it out and just brush it back into a bun. In the morning I kind of water to try doing cinna-buns on my hair. I've been watching youtube videos and think I can pull it off...we'll see. If I do the flat twists I know I'll be tempted to wear my hair out...but maybe if I do the white snood and just leave some hair out in the front it won't count....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Days Aren't A Problem...

Current Style: Pulled back in a bun.

I know I said I was going to keep the twists in until Friday and then rock a brief twist out. But so many of them were unraveling and I just had to take them out. And then I decided since it'd been a week since my last wash, might as well do that too.

So I washed with my Shea Moisture and used my new Eqyss conditioner that's supposed to be amazing...personally I think it's okay. The smell wasn't as coconut-y as I would have liked. And it didn't have enough slip for me, but I'll use it again anyway. My hair also felt kind of weird too soft or something. Anyway I rinsed that out, applied some of my mega-tek to my scalp and sprayed my hair water msm, rosemary and peppermint oil, before applying some Cantu Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Anti Breakage (it's supposed to be a DC but I just used a little...can't hurt right?) and then some of my Hollywood Castor Oil hairdress. Then I pulled everything back into a bun for a bit just so it wouldn't poof out, but then released the bun half way through Glee so that it could dry. Then before bed I parted it in the middle, applied more castor oil and tied a scarf on. Because my bangs are so short, it was an effort to get them to lay down since they don't make it into the bun. Hence the scarf.

This morning my hair was really soft! So I must have done something right. Like I said, my goal is to wear it in a bun for the rest of the month. I don't know if I'll make it...I much prefer my hair out, even if it is in twists. Just feels and looks more feminine. But the bun is okay as long as I have earrings on. Plus, the minute I see any breakage, the bunning will stop! I don't think I pulled it too tight, but it does feel weird just because I never wear my hair back.

Anyway, referring to the title of this post, today is raining. It wasn't coming down hard when I left this morning, just a light drizzle. I could have used an umbrella but I wasn't really botherered by it. It just reminded me of the days when I had a relaxer and the very thought of my hair getting wet was frightening. Especially because the instant moisture hit the strands, I'd lose all the work I put into straighteing it. Which is why I don't even bother straightening my hair now. With the humidity, it doesn't stay straight for long. But today, I didn't mind! And in fact, I think the extra moisture from the water is probably a good thing. And my hair isn't even frizzing, so that's a plus!

My plan is to check out some youtube videos to see different types of buns. I mean, my hair isn't long enough for anything fancy but it's getting there.

Sorry, no pics. Since I'm not doing anything special, I figure there's not point. But at the end of the month, I'll do some twists and we can see if the hair got any longer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Personal Hair Challenge

Current Style: Two strand twists (a lot are unraveling) that have been in for a week. Gotta make it until Thursday before I officially untwist them and wear a twist out.

So for the month of May I told myself I would stop wearing twists and just wear a bun for a month, as a means of keeping my hands out of my hair (as they are right now). So far that hasn't happened, only because I'm trying to just wear these two strand twists for the rest of the week. After that, then I'll do the bun.

I'm hoping low manipulation will help me retain length. I've also added mega-tek to my hair regimen. It's supposed to be this intense protein based conditioner that really adds strength to the hair and it's also supposed to help with growth. Not sure, just applied it yesterday so we'll see and my plan is to apply it every other day at first and if I'm not seeing immediate results, I'll switch to every day. Because it has such a high protein content, I mixed it with Castor oil to reduce the drying factor. I also have to make sure I keep my hair very well moisturized since protein can dry it out. But if I stick with just applying the mega-tek to my scalp I should be okay.

It's getting warmer, so I invested in a satin pillowcase so I don't have to tie my hair down at night (my scalp would get all sweaty). I'm nervous though because I put so many products in my hair, I'm afraid they will all seep into the pillow. Maybe I'll try to apply all my products in the AM, so they have time to absorb throughout the day. We'll see. Sleeping on the pillowcase made my twists extra fuzzy...but oh well. It felt good to be free of the scarf!

I'm excited, because the summer months are supposed to be the best for hair growth and I just want shoulder length curls already! I think it'll fall a lot better once it is longer.

To help my hair I'm taking a new hair vitamin and trying to drink lots of water; aiming for a minimum of 64 oz a day. It's pretty easy to do on the days I have cycling because while in class I chug a lot of it. I haven't been wearing make-up for the last few days and I must admit my skin is looking pretty good that I don't feel the need to hide this or that. Granted I do love some eye shadow from time to time. But yeah, my summer plan is to not wear a lot of least during the week. When it's time to part, then I'll slap on some mascara...

So the pool at my complex opens soon and I can't wait to get out there and tan and swim. I'm a little nervous about what all the chlorine will do to my hair. I've been doing some research on the best way to protect the hair. I'm thinking I'll just double up on all my moisturizers and make sure I'm sealing every evening and rinsing extremely well after the pool. If I'm going to be swimming a lot, I may have to get a swimmers shampoo or something...if I can find one without sulfates.

On a side note...I really want to henna again, but trying to give it another week before I do. Maybe two. We'll see. My hair isn't as red as before and I really want it back. The color was pretty cool.