Friday, April 22, 2011

Never go to bed with wet hair...

Today's hair. Not much else I can do.

Today's Style: A wash n go...well last night it was, this morning just sprayed it with water and tossed in the gel. Slicked back with a wide headband.

Back of my hair today...not too bad right?
I always tell myself not to go to bed with wet hair, but last night when I got home from the gym, I really wanted to take my twists out, so I rinsed my hair in the shower with a little conditioner and when I got out I started untwisting. Note to self, doing this on wet hair was a bad idea! My hair kept tangling and at one point a good sized knot had to be removed. Won't be doing that again.

That being said, the hair came out alright untwisted, but then i realized that is not the hair I would be waking up with. But I didn't want to comb through it and lose the curl so at first I pinned back the front...took the bobby pins back out and just tied my scarf on and went to bed.

The AM result was lovely matted hair, but at least it was soft. I didn't have time to jump in the shower and apply conditioner to try to coax my have back to life, so I simple sprayed, fluffed and applied gel. When it looked decent, I applied a headband and wala! Out the door. Not the greatest hair day, but it'll do.

Tomorrow I plan on working out in the morning, then coming home, washing, deep conditioning, and then trying out my first flat twist (I think it will go horribly). I'm doing the flat twist since I'm going out tomorrow night, so once my hair is dry I'll undo them and style the hair a bit...hopefully it'll be okay. If not it's just going to have to get pulled back.

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