Monday, March 3, 2014

Items up for grabs

Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia $12 and Moisture Mist $10

Hennasooq Soapnuts (8) $3 each or all 8 for $20

Shikakai 3 100g $3each

Hennasooq Rajasthani Henna. 3 100g packages $5 each and 1 jar of 500g $20 or 25 (with jar included)

Goatsmilk Powder $6 and Guar Gums $10

Another shot of the henna

Friday, December 6, 2013

Eyeshadows for Sale

The Baremineral 8 eyeshadow pallets are $15 each, the Tarte pallet is $15 each, The Bareminerals Quad is $10 and each individual Bareminerals Shadow pot is $5
The Cocktail Hour

The playlist

Tarte Neutral Pallet

Tarte outside case look

The Next Big Thing


starlet karen

exotic sandra

starlet leigh ann

starlet casey

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The NEW New Year Plan

Eh, so I’m feeling pretty lazy about yarn braids and I’m not really ready to have my hair covered/braided up for six weeks, especially since it’s been feeling so soft. So for the next three months I plan on initiating a bunning challenge beginning January 1 and going until April 1. I currently mudwash once a week and that works fine for me, especially since I plan to workout more consistently, but if possible I’d like to stretch that to two weeks because I’m going to try out roller setting as a way to stretch my hair before bunning. I’ve never roller setted so this will be an experiment, but I plan on trying it first by sitting under the dryer on cool and then seeing how my hair turns out with just air drying. I plan on bunning seven days a week and only detangling/really manipulating my hair once a week.
During the week, most likely every other day I will change the position of the bun by removing my banana clip, applying my sulfur mix to my scalp and massaging for a bit and then putting the hair back up. I apply the mix every other day so that’s when I’ll redo the bun. I will also spritz my ends and seal on these days as well. I know it still sounds like manipulation but I’m hoping I won’t run my fingers through my hair during this processes and keep everything as a sort of smoothing motion.
For my buns I predominately use banana clips and have a two strand flat twist in the front since my bangs are too short to bun. I make a ponytail with the banana clip and split that into two, then two strand twist the two halves and pin them under. Nothing fancy but it works for me. I’ll be doing high buns as my fancier style. When not in a banana clip I use the goody ouch less flex barrettes to make a ponytail and then just pin the hair under. I have a good feeling about this method and I’m going to continue my Lunatips trimming schedule, and trim my hair every three months or four months( three or four times a year). Since I’m bunning until April 1, I might go ahead and trim every four months and trim my hair in early April. I’ll keep you all update on my progress and hope to ideally gain an inch by April 1, if I have very little breakage and if my hair grows a half inch per month, then I should be looking at an 1.5  inches…and if I trim of a quarter of an inch, it’s still a decent amount of retention. My bangs should be nearing my chin by that point…if bunning fails me I’ll reconsider those yarn braids. Oh yeah in addition to setting my hair, I want to steam more often. If I’m washing every two weeks I’ll steam before each wash, if it’s once a week then I’ll steam every week.

Here’s today’s bun, my trusty banana clip with two twists pinned under to form the bun and my flat twist in front. The two bottom corner pictures is my hair from yesterday. The hair was split in half and I used two good hair clips. One on the top part to form a half up half down look, and then one on the bottom to pull all the hair together. It was the only way to fit these on my hair. I then tucked the hair under and pinned to form a bun. I’ll probably do this style a lot during the challenge too to give myself some variety….it’s be nice to be able to bun without needing bobby pins to hold down all the shorter pieces…

Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of year hair and how the Grinch stole Conditioner

Well I'm finally really claiming shoulder length and blew out my hair two weeks ago in order to trim. Since then I've been wearing twist outs and they've been working out, but as usual I'm getting tired of my hair and styling it all the time.

For the last three weeks I haven't used a single bottle of conditioner on my hair after washing. In fact I've only got one bottle left and it's sitting in a duffle bag. Instead of conditioner I've been prepooing with oils and either baggying or steaming for a bit, finger detangling/comb detangling, twisting my hair and then washing. I've had a few rough detangling sessions (I wore small twists with a braided root for a week...terrible take down). I've gotten back into strictly finger detanlging and the key I've found it to keep my hair stretched and finger detangle every few days instead of once a week since my hair sheds a ridiculous amount.

I'm going to continue to wear my twist outs until the end of the year but the first weekend in January I plan on putting in yarn braids and leaving them in 4-6 six weeks. I'm going to try to protective style for the next six months with this style and see how my hair fairs. I plan on taking two week breaks in between sessions. If my hair thrives, I may push this challege to a year. As many of you know I'm trying to grow my hair longer for my wedding in May of 2014.

My hair currently measure 5.5 inches in the very back, six inches on the sides, 7.5ish inches at the crown, and 6.5 inches in the front. If my yarn braids/protective style (if yarn braids fail me I'll switch to bunning five days a week) I should reach APL by the end of next year (more if I'm lucky). If I'm really really lucky, I'll reach BSL by the time the wedding rolls around, but seriously I'll be happy with APL. If I make that goal I'll let you guys know what I'm thinking about for wedding hairstyles.

 To help me with my growth I'm upping my water intake, stopping viviscal and switching to Priveta for three months to six months (just to see how it work). I also got a sulfur based castor oil mix to apply to my scalp three times a week. I've been cleansing with my mud wash, but once in the yarn braids I'm going to switch to using my newest Bobeams bar. I also plan on working out more consistently to help with the hair growth by running on MWF and doing my Jillian Michaels TTH and maybe Saturday. Since I'll be working out consistently, I will continue with washing my hair once a week. I'm also challenging myself to steam once a week, even in braids, with coconut or olive oil.

I'll keep you all updated with my progress but not very often. I'll come on here and post shots of my hair and how my hair is fairing only after I remove a set of yarn braids for my two week break period. For pictures of how I style my hair, my instagram is asvillafana.

Other than that my hair has been feeling pretty good. It's shedding more than I would like, so I might try taking garlic supplements again but we'll see. Here's to great growth in 2013!

Hair shots before I put in the yarn braids.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Challenge Mostly Complete

Hey Folks! So I actually kept up with the frequent cowashing...averaging about four to five times a week. Around Veteran's Day weekend I stopped for a few days and then went back to it...took another break because I wanted to rock loose twists for Thanksgiving...and then went back to cowashing.

Now in the beginning my hair really thrived and I do think my hair likes cowashing/getting wet daily. But some time after Veteran's Day my hair started getting a little more tangled and single strand knots were popping up all over the place. I freaked out for a second and then realized that I haven't properly trimmed my hair since...June I believe and for me I know that I've got to trim within the two to three month range. I'm coping with the tangles for now because I want to trim on December 10 because I'm going to start following the Lunatips method of trimming the hair. I'll be doing Omega 2 which is supposed to increase hair growth...we'll see how it goes. So until then I'm going to continue to cowash until I run out of conditioner (which should be soon). I'm down to 1/4 full bottle of Tressame Naturals, 1/4 bottle of Qhmet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, 1/2 a bottle of Kinky Curly Knot Today, 1/2 a bottle of Koils by Nature Cocoa Deep Conditioner, and finally 1/2 a bottle of Desert Essences Coconut Conditioner....oh and a full bottle of some Sunny Isle Conditioner that has way too much protein to use regularly and might be getting tossed. So why am I getting rid of conditioner? Well....I'll explain that in a later post, I promise.

So what are my next plans and what is December's challenge? Well I'm not really planning anything for December...might just wear twist outs and see how far I can stretch the style without retwisting...if not that then I might put in some mini twists after my trim since the hair will be fresh and knot free...but then that kinda ties in to January's challenge (hint hint).  Who knows what I'll do but I'm definitely thinking about something to give me a break from my hair. I'm still not seeing a whole lot of retention which tells me I'm doing something wrong...I just don't know what. While I have loved the daily cowashing, I'm getting super tired of touching my hair every day, waiting for it to try and then putting it into a bun. Just feels like too much and hey, maybe that's why I didn't see a whole lot of retention from this challenge.

Anyway I'll let you guys know what I end up doing. I know it won't be extensions because...well I just don't want to put any in (not to mention the fiancé would hate it).